4761GT 63
Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2, S3, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
63/jul/20 - Ugo Tagliaferri, Rome, IT, via Garage Montchoisy, Geneva, CH "Roma D62279"
64/nov/10 - Maria Marchini, Pavia, IT
65/nov/17 - Rocco Fanci, Valdino, IT
68/nov/26 - Novelli Maria Consiglia di S. Vicenzo, Rome, IT. 745,000 Lire. via Motor S.a.s. di Carlo Allegretti "Roma D62279"
69/aug/12 - Giorgio Guglisi, Roma, IT. 880,000 Lire.
70s/early - repeatedly offered for sale in California, phone (213) 395-4559. LA Times,
09 - ............................, IT
1. - ............................, ..



250 TR59 replica
using the identity of 4761GT

The 250 TR59 replica may have been commissioned by James Allington in the late 1980's as one of several copies of his 0770TR. Due to financial disputes, the project involved different collaborators over time, remaining uncompleted until the mid 1990's.
Along the way the new chassis was stamped "Ferrari *4761GT*", and a 250 GTE S1 engine of 2263GT was installed.

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
95/apr/27 - Terence D. Hoyle, Chelmsford, UK “ACK 195A” (UK)
95/sep/04 - David Morrison / Sandy Hold, Surr., UK “ACK 195A” (UK)
95 - Talacrest, Berks., UK. Construction completed, made road-legal. “AJN 892A” (UK)
95/oct/19-29 London Motor Show Talacrest Ltd.
97/early - Peter M. ("Pierre") Fandel, Bitburg / Birtlingen, DE via Modena Motorsport GmbH.  
98/feb - offered by Axel Urban's ProTrade GmbH, Hamburg, D asking $205,000
98/jun - Percy Bongers, Hamburg, D for DM 400,000
03/apr - René Dreiner, Hamburg, DE  
.. - Fire damage to right-front wing during refueling at Mugello - remained drivable. Full restauration commissioned at Eberlein Automobile GmbH.  
12 - Stefan Rehkopf, Bovenden, DE via Eberlein Automobile GmbH  
14/jul/15 - Eberlein Automobile GmbH, Kassel, DE. Now titled as Make "Allegretti" „KS-US 342H“ (DE)
19/apr/16 - Paco Ramos (Classic Road), Dubai, UAE. Reverted to the April 1995 UK registration for a 1963 Ferrari. “ACK 195A” (UK)
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