4751GT 63
Ferrari 250 GTE, S3, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
63 - Bellavista, I
2004 - Bardini Automobiles, F  
2012 - offered by The Gallery, Brummen, NL  
2012/Sep/1 - R.E. van der Poel, NL "AR 47 78" (NL)
2012/.. - complete technical overhaul at Roelofs Engineering,  Rheden
new brake cylinders+ pads, flywheel, clutch+releaser, wheelbearings, shock absorbers, stabilizer rod, windscreen, engine: rocker arm shafs + bushing + valve clearence bolts
+ spark plug + cables, some interior trim etc.etc.

15/... - Engine and carburettors rebuild, new valves, seats, pistons and liners, new plain bearings, chain and camshafts etc., Dynotest by Roelofs Engineering,  Rheden, NL




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