1509GT 59/sep/08   *** 4th of 7 ***
Ferrari 250 GT Interim Berlinetta LWB, all alloy, LHD
white/dark green (Madagascar colors)
chassis type 508D
engine 128 DF
no. interno. 0398DF
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59 - Jo Schlesser, F "00 459 L4"
59/sep/18-25 dnf
Tour de France Schlesser /
#158 TdF p134, 139, 141 Pourret p265
- missed a bridge and fell down in a river  
60/may/22 11th OA 2nd IC 1000km Nuerburgring Jo Schlesser /      Lucien Bianchi    
60/jun/12 2nd OA
1st IC
GP Rouen  Schlesser    
60/jul/10 21st OA 6h Auvergne Schlesser #80 Pourret p71 "MO 57200" 
60/jul/31 1st IC GP Germany, Nuerburgring,
GT race
Jo Schlesser    
60/aug/20 7th OA
6th GT+2.0
Tourist Trophy,
Jo Schlesser #5 C113 p25
60 - Edgar Berney, CH  
60/sep/04 dns Coppa InterEuropa, Monza Edgar Berney #65
60/sep/15-23 dnf (engine) Tour de France Edgar Berney /        Jean Gretener #160 TdF p148 "VD 2616"
61/may/14 dns GP de Spa Edgar Berney #10
61/jun/04 10th OA Col de la Faucille hillclimb Edgar Berney
- repainted red
62 - Richard Huber, Zuerich (Meilen), CH - red with 2 central dark blue and silver stripes 
62/apr/15 1st OA
1st GT+1.6
Preis von Wien,
Flughafen Aspern
Richard Huber #90 "ZH 144257"
62/april/30 1st GT under 3.0  Steckborn Eichhoelzli  Richard Huber #164  
62 - Werner Amschwand, Zuerich, CH "ZH 13601"
62 - raced by his brother Balz Amschwand
62/dec/02 10th OA 6th IC 5 Lap Tourist Trophy over 2-litres heat, Nassau Balz Amschwand #33
62/dec/02 12th OA 6th IC 25 Lap Tourist Trophy Nassau Balz Amschwand #33 BSW p232, 233
- to take part in that race, Balz Amschwand drove together with his wife Avril and little daughter Francine from Zurich to Le Havre, shipped over to New York and drove down to Miami where he crossed over to the Bahamas
6. - Raoul Martin, F - alias "Miro"
- Squadra Tartaruga
64 ... Rally Lorraine "Miro" /
65/may/17 - Franco Birchler, Zurich, CH
65 - Hansjörg Gerber, Biel, CH  
74 - Bernard Consten, F (told us in 93 in Marocco that he still owned the car)  
96/feb/03-11 Salon Competition & Exception-Le Bourget, Paris Bernard Consten
98/apr/14-18 Tour Auto Bernard Consten / Consten #0
00/dec/19 - NS - Brooks Gstaad Ferrari auction, est. Sfr. 1,7mio - 2,0mio, highbid 1,4mio  
01/jan - Syed K. Mohammed, UK (PKN) - paid $980k (post auction sale)  
01/apr/09-14 Tour Auto Syed K. Mohammed / Benedict Wang #162 C123 p48   "OSL 385"
02/apr/15-20 Tour Auto Syed K. Mohammed/ Benedict Wang #191
02/sep/21-22 Le Mans Classic Syed K. Mohammed #36
03/apr/07-12 Tour Auto Syed K. Mohammed / Benedict Wang #183
04/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Syed K. Mohammed / Benedict Wang #172
05/apr/25-30 Tour Auto  Syed K. Mohammed / Benedict Wang #50
06/sep/05-10 Louis Vuitton Classic Boheme Run, Budapest-Vienna-Prague Syed K. Mohammed
11/sep/21-25 Italia Classica, Ferrari Gran Tour to Venezia Syed K. Mohammed
12/apr/24-29 Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run Syed K. Mohammed #72
14/jul/04-12   Ferrari Le 250 Tornano a Casa Tour     C203 p28



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