1006 (1028) 70
512 S Spyder, RHD
71 - N.A.R.T. swapped identities between their old race horse 1006 and the newly delivered 1028. The used 1006 was retagged as 1028 and sold to David Weir, the new car, 1028, was retagged 1006 and race by N.A.R.T. for the 1971 season
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
71/jan - N.A.R.T. - as 1028  
71 - retagged as 1006  
71/mar/20 dnf
blown tire
lap 114
12h Sebring Ronnie Bucknum /
Sam Posey
71/jun/12-13 dnf
fuel injection
24h Le Mans Masten Gregory /
George Eaton
#14 FaLM p111 PH59 p31   C90 p51
72 - Harley Cluxton, AZ, USA  
72/aug/27 dns Road America CanAm, Elkhart Lake Harley Cluxton #20
72 - Steve Earle, CA, USA  
7. - Chris Cord, CA, USA  
76 - Otis Chandler, San Marino, CA, USA (L.A. Times publisher)  
77 - James W. Stollenwerck, 136 El Camino, Suite 101, Beverly Hills, CA, USA  
79/may - offered for sale by Stollenwerck C5 p5
79 - Steve Griswold, Berkeley, CA, USA  
79/nov - offered by Rod Leach's Nostalgia, Hertford Heath, UK T&CC 11/79 p44
79 - Michael Vernon, UK FML v17 n5 p13
FSN         AMS 19/84 p275-280
8. - converted to Berlinetta specs  
8. - Peter Kaus, Frankfurt, D   
88/aug/11-14 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Peter Kaus #32
93/may - displayed at Rosso Bianco Museum, Aschaffenburg, D, needs complete restoration
99/may - sold in a package deal with 1006 in exchange & cash, to ... for a 540 K Mercedes (SMC) via Axel Schuette  
99/may - offered by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK asking $1.5mio  
99/jun - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA
99/jun - Harry Leventis, UK  
99/jun/18-20 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Talacrest Ltd.
99/jul - in exchange for 312 P  
99/aug - still or again offered by SMC
00/aug/18-19 - Monterey Sports Car Auction  
00/aug/24 - .............., J  
01/jan - Charles Wegner, West Chicago, IL, USA  
02/jan - Charles Arnott, Easton, MD, USA 
02/jan/24-25 XI. Cavallino Classic Track Days, Moroso Park Charles Arnott  
02/jan/25 2nd OA Ferrari Maserati Challenge, Moroso Park, Disc brake race Charles Arnott #23  
02/jan/26 display XI. Cavallino Classic, class 15 Charles Arnott
03/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Charles Arnott
04/jan/24-25 XIII. Cavallino Classic Charles Arnott
05/aug/20 - S - RM's Monterey Sports Car auction - $1,947,000 incl. buyer's prem.
05/aug/20 - John 'Skip' Barber, Lakeville, CT, USA
06/mar/10-12 11th Annual Amelia Island Concours Skip Barber
07/feb/-16-25 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F by RM Auctions
07/may/20 - S - RM's Leggenda e Passione Maranello auction - € 2,688mio incl. comm. + VAT on comm.
07/may/20 - Howard Lutnick, NY, USA
09/jul/03-05 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Shaun Lynn/        David Clark
10/sep/17-19 display Goodwood Revival Meeting, John Surtees Tribute Shaun Lynn #23
12/jul/06-08 Le Mans Classic, Plateau 5 Shaun Lynn #7 C191 p56
13/jul/11-14   Festival of Speed, Goodwood Shaun Lynn  

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