0882 72   *** 4th ****
312 PB, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
72 - Scuderia Ferrari
72/jan/09 10th OA 1000km Buenos Aires Jacky Ickx /
Mario Andretti
72/mar/25 1st OA 12h Sebring Jacky Ickx /
Mario Andretti
#2 Ca2 p50 Scarlet Passion p208, 211            PH34 p8, 9
72/apr/25 1st OA 1000km Monza Jacky Ickx /
Clay Regazzoni
#1 Ca2 p55 
dnf Regazzoni left road at Hohe Acht 1000km Nuerburgring Jacky Ickx /
Clay Regazzoni
Ca2 p68
FIC p314 McDonough p89, 90
72 - chassis repaired  
72/nov - Harley Cluxton, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
.. - Jacques Setton, F - The Setton Collection C45 p36 
93/jan - offered for $1,100,000 - +33-91-830150   
93/may - offered for $900,000.-  
93/nov - offered for $500,000.-   
93 - Peter Fandel, Bitburg, D  
94 Uwe Meissner Meeting, Nuerburgring Jacky Ickx #1 C84 p10
95/aug/03 Uwe Meissner Meeting, Nuerburgring Peter Fandel
97/nov - Peter Glaesel, Detmold, D
97/11 - was bidding, did not raise the offer to $1.5mio (hm)
98/may/01-03 Spa Ferrari Days Christian Glaesel #4
98/jun/27-28 Ferrari Shell Historic Challegne, Dijon Christian Glaesel #4 C107 p39
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Christian Glaesel #60
01/apr/28-29 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Spa Ferrari Days, group C race 1 Christian Glaesel #101  
01/apr/28-29 1st OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Spa Ferrari Days, group C race 2 Christian Glaesel #101  
06/jul/07-09 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Christian Glaesel / Arturio Merzario
07/jun/26-27 1st IC Ferrari Concours at Modena Motorsport Track Days, class 6 Christian Glaesel C161 p28
11/jun/29-30 1st IC Modena Motorsport Trackdays, Nuerburgring Ferrari Concours, class 6 Christian Glaesel
13 - .................




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