Dino 206S 4-cam
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - SF TCF p110
58/apr/07 2nd OA Goodwood,
Sussex Trophy
Peter Collins #2 FIC p132
58/apr/13 dnf
Coppa Shell
Gino Munaron  
58/apr/27 dnf
GP Napoli,
Luigi Musso #148
carb cover, open to the back, round in the front  
58 - rebodied by Fantuzzi TR59 style  
59 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA  
59/may/03   Coppa Sant Ambroeus, Monza Giulio Cabianca #281 FY59
59/may/24 dnf Targa Florio Giorgio Scarlatti/
Giulio Cabianca
59/jun/07 dnf 1000km Nuerburgring Giorgio Scarlatti/
Giulio Cabianca
#16 AMS 13/59 p29
59/jun/20-21 dnf 24h Le Mans Giorgio Scarlatti/           Giulio Cabianca #23 FaLM p43
59/aug/23 2nd OA Messina sportscar race, Circuito dei Laghi di Ganzirri Giulio Cabianca
dnf Tourist Trophy, Goodwood  Ludovico Scarfiotti/
Giorgio Scarlatti
#21 FIC p33
59/sep/20 2nd OA 2nd IC Pontedecimo-Giovi hillclimb Giorgio Scarlatti #278 P-G p258
perspex carb cover, open at the front, round in the back  



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