0642MDTR 56/jun
500 (625) LM Spyder Touring, RHD 
Chassis tipo 518 
Engine tipo 131 B, no. interno 54TR
Gearbox tipo 518, no. 20MD
Touring body no. 4347
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - SF - fitted with 2.0 liter engine 
56/jun/24 1st OA
1st S2.0
GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Peter Collins /
Mike Hawthorn
#64 4CS p99 1000km di Monza p23, 24
FY56         C151 p34, 35, 38
56/jul - SF - fitted with 2.5 liter engine 
56/jul/29 acc. 24h Le Mans Alfonso de Portago /
Duncan Hamilton
#11 FaLM p30 C151 p39, 46 C155 p7
56 - repaired at factory and re- fitted with 2.0 liter engine 
56/aug/25-26 1st OA
1st S2.0
5h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Phil Hill #.  
56 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
56/sep - Robert Publicker, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA  
56/sep/15 dna International Sports Car GP, Watkins Gen,
race 6
Bob Publicker #79  
56/dec/07  ... 5 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E & F, Nassau Bob Publicker #34  
56/dec/07 41st OA 15th E 20 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H, Nassau Bob Publicker #34
57 - repainted yellow with red wheels
57/may dns Cumberland Bob Publicker
57 1st Thompson,
David Ash
57 disq. Lime Rock David Ash
58 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
58 - Lloyd 'Lucky' Casner, Miami, FL, USA  
58/feb/09 2nd OA New Smyrna Beach Lucky Casner #333  
58/mar/09 3rd OA
2nd EM
2nd Annual Boca Raton Sports Car Races,
race 1
Lucky Casner #34
58/mar/09 2nd OA 2nd Annual Boca Raton Sports Car Races,
race 3
Lucky Casner #34
58/mar/15 1st OA Opa Locka Lucky Casner
58/apr/05 1st
Class EM
Pensacola Sprint Race Bill Kimberly #5  
58/may/18 3rd EM SCCA National Cumberland EM, FM Len Butscher #11  
58/aug - William Kimberly, Chicago, IL, USA - paid $4.250.-  
.. - repainted red with white stripes run from grill over bonnet over doors to lower part of rear fender  
59/mar/05 2nd OA 1st IC Boca Raton,
race 2
E.D. Martin #5
59/mar 2nd OA 1st IC Boca Raton,
Bill Kimberly
59/may/31 Masters Field,
Bill Kimberly #50 PH52 p24
59/aug/16 6th OA 1st IC Milwaukee
Bill Kimberly #5
59/sep/05   Meadowdale,
race 2
Bill Kimberly #5 C153 p25 
59/sep/06 Meadowdale Bill Kimberly #5
60/may/30 dnf SCCA Bridgehampton
Bill Kimberly #5 Finn p202
61jun/18 dnf Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
race 4
Bill Kimberly #5
61/jul/23 Meadowdale,
race 5
Bill Kimberly #5
61 - Dan Gerber, Oswego, MI, USA  
6. -   AFB Northern IL Dan Gerber #5 PH56 p5
62/sep/09 13th OA Road America 500,
Elkhart Lake
Dan Gerber/         Bridge #5
62 - Deur-Speet Buick Dealership, Freemont, MI, USA
63/jun - Arthur Burmeister, Sterling, MI, USA
63/sep 1st IC SCCA Frayling, Mi, Saturday race Art Burmeister  
63/sep 3rd IC SCCA Frayling, Mi,
Sunday race
Art Burmeister  
80 - Joseph W. Moch, Grand Rapids, MI, USA C153 p6
85 - Thomas Stegmann, Cincinnati, OH, USA
87 - Stephen D. Barney, Summerfield, NC, USA  
87   Mille Miglia Steve Barney /
Gerald Roush
#268 MM87 p120,
FSN next to 0536   
"1359414 (NC)"
87/may/01 1st FCA Concours Wolf Trap Farm, class 15 Steve Barney C40 p53
92/nov - $800,000 - TRM  
93/jun/11 3rd IC FCA National Concours Palm Beach Gardens, class 17 Steve Barney C76 p18
94 - Shin-Ichi Yasuoka, Kawasaki, J  
94/aug/24 International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 28 Shin Yasuoka
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Shin-Ichi Yasuoka
98/sep/22-23 2nd Neko Historic Automobile Festival Shin-Ichi Yasuoka
99/jun/05-06 Forza Ferrari, Ferrari Club of Japan Meet, Suzuka Shin-Ichi Yasuoka
03/feb - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA
03/feb - Charles T. Wegner, West Chicago, IL, USA C151 p32-46
04/jan/24 Silver XIII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza, class 11 Charles Wegner
05/jan/20-21 8th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, drum brake race Charles Wegner #11
05/jan/22 XIV. Cavallino Classic Charles Wegner
05/mar - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA Motorsport 3/05 p80
05/jun/28 - NS - Sotheby's at Ferrari auction - highbid €1,6mio
0. - William Jacobs, Joliet, IL, USA
06/aug/20 Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Bill Jacobs




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