0276MM 53
Ferrari 250 MM Berlinetta PF, RHD
see C11/78 p36
factory assembly sheets show this car was renumbered to 0330 54/jul/24
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Franco Cornacchia, Milano, I - Scuderia Guastalla  
53/mar/29 3rd OA Corsa sulle Torricelle hillclimb Franco Cornacchia
53/apr/12 3rd Giro di Sicilia Franco Cornacchia    
53/jun/21 1st Trieste-Opicina hillclimb      
53/aug/30 1st Stella Alpina      
53 - rebodied as Spyder by Morelli, Ferrara, I  
53/jun/29 6th OA VI. GP dell' Autodromo Monza Luigi Piotti #22 1000km di Monza p10
53/jul/17 - Luigi Piotti, Milano, I  
53/jul/12 10th OA
7th S+1.1
Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Luigi Piotti #83  
53/jul/25-26 4th OA II. 10h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Luigi Piotti  
53/aug/08 1st OA
1st S+1.1
Circuito di Reggio Calabria,
Trofeo d'Oro del Turismo
Luigi Piotti #32  
53/aug/15 ... 12h Pescara Luigi Piotti / 
Clemente Biondetti
#14 Coppa Acerbo p370, 371, 373
53/sep/27   Bologna-Raticosa hillclimb Luigi Piotti #262 Ferrari Yearbook 53 p.piotti
53/oct/18 5th OA
3rd S+2.0
Coppa d'Oro di Sicilia Luigi Piotti    
53/dec/20 dnf
12h Casablanca Luigi Piotti / 
Clemente Biondetti
54/apr/11 8th OA
3rd sS+750
Coppa della Toscana Clemente Biondetti
54/may/01-02 4th OA
2nd S+2.0
Mille Miglia Clemente Biondetti #601 "MI 220258"
Una Corsa Italiana p219
SuR p67
CR3 p92        Red Arrows p127, 244
54/may/16 6th GP Napoli S+1.1
Clemente Biondetti #..  
54/may/22 1st 3h Bari Clemente Biondetti #14  
54/may/30 5th OA
3rd S+2.0
Targa Florio Clemente Biondetti #82  
54/jun/27 4th OA GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Clemente Biondetti /
54/jul/15 - Max Maria, Firenze, I  
54/jul/18 3rd OA
1st IC
Coppa della Consuma hillclimb Clemente Biondetti
54/jul/24 - according to factory assembly sheets this car was renumbered to 0330MM
54/jul/25 7th OA GP Portugal,
Clemente Biondetti #8  
54 - 0330MM and 0276MM meet at this occasion, (the reason for the renumbering ?)
54/aug/01 2nd OA
1st IC
Giro delle Calabrie Clemente Biondetti
54/aug/29 9th OA VI Gran Premio Pergusa Clemente Biondetti    

The number 0276MM is on the car referred today as 0330MM. See Resumee from Jackson Brooks about 0330MM & 0390MM

5. - David Leopold, NY, NY, USA  
56/sep/29 ...
Indian Summer Trophy Race,
Harewood Acres 
David Leopold #66  
57 - William Infantino, USA  
57/jun/02 dns
practice engine blew up
SCCA Dunkirk GP William Infantino #11  
5. - Morelli body, highly modified, headrest, single wrap around screen, small mirror, square shaped air intake on bonnet, rectangular air vent behind front wheels
5. - Chevy V8 engine installed
57/dec/06 22nd OA 15th C 5 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes B, C & D, Nassau William Infantino #111
57/dec/06 dnf
24th OA
15 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes B, C & D, Nassau William Infantino #111
57/dec/08 dnf
44th OA
Nassau Memorial Trophy William Infantino #111
57/dec/08 dnf
36th OA
Nassau Trophy William Infantino #111
58/jun/01 2nd OA
2nd CM
SCCA Dunkirk,
race 6
William Infantino #11
58/jun/01 1st OA
1st CM
SCCA Dunkirk,
GP Dunkirk,
race 8
William Infantino #11
58/jul/19 SCCA Giants' Despair, Berwick, race 12 William Infantino #21
58/aug/24 fatal accident Hill Climb William Infantino    
59 - Arthur M. 'Bud' Faust, Wilkes Barre, PA, USA
59/aug/01 ... OA
... CM

Giants' Despair Hill Climb and Road Races
Bud Faust #12
59/sep/26 12th OA
5th CM
SCCA Watkins Glen GP Bud Faust #150
60/apr/10 2nd OA
SCCA Regional,
Bud Faust #  
60/may/30 8th OA
2nd IC
SCCA National, Bridgehampton, main Bud Faust #151 Finn p202
60/jun/25 ... OA
1st CM
SCCA Reginal Watkins Glen
Bud Faust #51  
60/aug/07 8th OA
1st CM
SCCA National,
Bud Faust #141  
61/may/28   SCCA National, Bridgehampton, race 7 Bud Faust #105  
61/jun/24 dnf
left track
SCCA Reginal Watkins Glen
Bud Faust #56  
61/aug/06 dnf SCCA National, Bridgehampton Bud Faust #511  
61/sep/22 14th OA
2nd CM
Watkins Glen Grand Prix Bud Faust #67  
6. - crashed
64 - Tony Kouleski, USA
.. - Gary Wales, Brooklyn, NY, USA  
70 - Thomas A. Oleson, Santa Barbara, CA, USA - without engine  
.. - engine with Tom Caulfield, USA  
71/mar - Jackson Brooks, Ft. Collins, CO, USA  
78/jan - offered by Italian Classic Sports & Racing Cars - Rudy Pas, Rijsbergen, NL:

"Chassis and engine of this car were restored in the USA to highest concours standards. Chassis is 0276, being original a PF coupe, later rebodied as a Morelli barchetta. For sale as is, without body, or after completing with the correct body in the second part of 1978."

T&CC 1/78 p13
73 - Rudy Pas, NL bought running chassis & engine 0390MM   
.. - rebodied by Dino Cognolato with Vignale Spyder body
87 - Art Valdez, Torrance, CA, USA "250 MM 87 (CA)"
87/may/21   Mille Miglia Valdez /
#230 FbV p 177 C40 p38
88/may/05 acc. Mille Miglia Valdez /
88 - repaired by Dino Cognolato, Vigonza, I  
89/dec - offered by Auto Italia, Monterey, CA, USA  
92/may/21-24   Mille Miglia Valdez /
#301 MM92 p119, 158            C71 p20
$675,000 - displayed at Monterey  
94/oct - offered by Ferrari of SF, CA, USA for $725,000.-  
96/may/09-12   Mille Miglia Valdez /
97/may/01-03   Mille Miglia Valdez /
88 - rebodied as Vignale Spyder S2
.. - engine used tipo 128D no-interno 0344 D  
(probably a fake based on a PF Coupe) PHF 9/88 p89
90 - Ferdinando Pagliarini, I  
90 Mille Miglia Ferdinando Pagliarini/ Bertocco #196
91/may/02-05   Mille Miglia  Ferdinando Pagliarini/ Giuseppe Prevosti #283 FbV p156, 157           "WY 62819 (KS)"
92/may/21-24   Mille Miglia Ferdinando Pagliarini/ Martinelli  #307 MM92 p126
92/sep/18-20 30th anniversary GTO tour Ferdinando Pagliarini
93/may/13-16   Mille Miglia Fulvio Visioli/ Cavazzoni #251 C76 p6
94/may/05-08   Mille Miglia  Sermasi /           Fantini #304  
9. - Vincenzo Scandurra, I
95/may/18-21 Mille Miglia Vincenzo Scandurra / Alpi #256
95/dec - DM 3.000.000 - by Zwerenz Cars, D - 09365/480   
96/may/09-12   Mille Miglia Gandini /     Agliardi  #336  
97/may/01-03 Mille Miglia Gandini /          Agliardi #295
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Pierangelo Masselli
98/feb - DM 500.000 - by Zwerenz Cars, D - 09365/480   
99 - Oscar Meier, CH - rented for MM  
99/may/06-08   Mille Miglia Meier /      Bartouskova #314  
00/may/25-28 Mille Miglia Meier /       Bartouskova #366
01/may/17-19 172th Mille Miglia Meier /      Bartouskova #265
02/may/02-04 dns Mille Miglia Meier /      Bartouskova #223
2016/may/19-22   Mille Miglia Marcello Gavio
Piero Pissavini
Note: 53/9/13 - 1st - Coppa Intereuropa - Piotti (wrong this was 0111ES 212 Vignale Coupe - see Ferrari Yearbook 53)
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