0266MM 53
166MM/53 Vignale Spyder S2 or 250MM
or rebodied as Vignale Berlinetta, was it a spyder, there are no pictures for proof !!
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Mirko Landini, Bologna, I  
.. - engine changed by factory to 3 liter  
66 - Lee Hallenberg, CA, USA "LUK 942 (CA)"
69/nov/30 - Edwin K. Niles, L.A., CA, USA FbV p152
69/dec/30 - Richard F. Merritt, Bethesda, MD, USA
70 - Terr Myr, MI, USA  
04/aug/14-15 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Terry Myr



Note: the MM entry below was a 500 Mondial PF Spyder !!  
54/may/01-02 74th Mille Miglia Paolo Pineschi /
Mirko Landini
#459 Red Arrows p238



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