Ferrari 166 MM


0044M 1950/mar/29
Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta, RHD 
engine upgraded to 195-specs
Touring body no. 3446 
Long bonnet, no air scoop on bonnet, one leather strap, thin headlights, no horns
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1950 - Paolo Petrobelli, I  
1950/may/14 acc. Parma-Poggio di Berceto hillclimb Paolo Petrobelli ("OLOAP") #148
1950/sep/17   Bologna - Raticosa Paolo Petrobelli #194
1951/apr/20 - Vincenzo Auricchio, Cremona, I  
1951/apr/28-29 dnf
Mille Miglia Vincenzo Auricchio /
Piero Bozzini
#348 Red Arrows p64, 210
"CR 19377" 
195. - Emilio Giletti, I
1952/may/03-04 dnf
Mille Miglia Emilio Giletti /
Walter Loro-Piana
#522 "TO 134705" Red Arrows p79, 218 (identified as 0046M)
1952/oct/11 - Nicola Cherubini, Rossano, I "CS 8622"
1953/sep/03 - Franca Forni, Reggio di Calabria, I "RC 10212"
1953 - Barone Felice Placido, I  
1953/aug/30 5th OA
1st S2.0
GP di Pergusa,
Circuito della Cravatta
Felice Placido #172 FY53
1954/jun/06 17th OA Coppa della Perugina, XI. Giro Automobilistico dell'Umbria Pasquale Placido    
1954/jun/27 1st S2.0 Corsa al Monte Pellegrino Pasquale Placido #142
1954/aug/01 dnf VI. Giro delle Calabrie Pasquale Placido    
1955/jun/08 - Silvio De Vitis, Lecce, I "LE 14572"
1956/apr/21 - Sante Quattrone, Reggio di Calabria, I "RC 14670"
1957/apr/14 27th OA
7th S2.0
Giro di Sicilia Barbagallo #328 "RC 14670"
1978 - engine in 006I V-12 Formula 2  
1992 - Oliver Kilham, Sabana Grande, PR, USA  
1992 - Dismantled, inoperative  
19.. - Lynn Larson, USA  
1992 - offered by Forza, USA  
1995/jan - offered for PDS 425,000 by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK  
1995 - engine 0044M is at Mas du Clos  
1995/jun - offered for PDS 575,000 by Talacrest   
1995/dec - offered for $995,000 by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA  
1996/jan - SMC bought 0044M engine at Coys for $60.000 - engine now in 0044M  
1996/mar - John Collins (Talacrest Ltd, UK) bought leftovers of 006I (with engine 0044M) at Coys' for £38,000. CAS9603-6 (picture of car in restoration).  
1997 - Sir Michael D. Kadoorie, HK  
1997/may/01-03 Mille Miglia Michael Kadoorie / Lewis #242 "SSY 303" C100 p69
2004/aug/13   The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley      
2004/aug/17   FCA National Meeting      
2005/aug/21 Class M-2
Pebble Beach Concours Michael Kadoorie
2009/aug/16 Class M-1
Pebble Beach Concours Michael Kadoorie
2011/aug/16   The Quail Rally      
2012/aug/14   The Quail Rally      
2013/aug/16   The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Michael Kadoorie    
2015/aug/13   McCall Jet Center Party      




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