4510 58/feb/03   *** last ***
Maserati 450 S Spyder, RHD
Chassis # 4510
Engine # 4510
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58/jan - Carroll Shelby Racing Cars, Dallas, TX, USA  
58/feb/03 - certificato d'origine issued by Maserati
58/mar/31 - J. Frank Harrison, Chattanooga, TN, USA by salesman (and partner) Jim Hall - paid $16.180.-  
58 - Frank Harrison Racing entries:  
58/may/16 1st OA SCCA Chester, race 3 Dan Clippenger #26  Bollée 450 S p104 
58/aug/31 1st OA SCCA Courtland, race 3 Walt Cline #26  Bollée 450 S p109
58/aug/31 dns SCCA Courtland, race 5 Walt Cline #26 
58/oct/25 2nd OA SCCA Dothan, race 2 Walt Cline #26  
58/oct/26 dnf SCCA Dothan, race 7 Walt Cline #26 Bollée 450 S p117 
58 1st OA Cocoa, FL Walt Cline    
58 1st OA Fort Worth, TX Walt Cline    
58 1st OA Gainsville, GA Walt Cline    
58 1st OA Walerboro, LA Walt Cline    
59 - campaigned by Jim Hall for Harrison Racing  
59/may/31 1st OA SCCA Coffeyville Jim Hall #126 Bollée 450 S p134       Finn, TPSC p101
59/oct/11 1st OA SCCA Courtland, race 4 Jim Hall    
59/oct/11 3rd OA SCCA Courtland, race 6 Jim Hall #26 Bollée 450 S p145, 207
59/oct/24 1st OA SCCA Dothan, race 3 Jim Hall #26 Bollée 450 S p77
59/oct/25 2nd OA SCCA Dothan, race 6 Jim Hall #26  
59/oct/25 2nd OA SCCA Dothan, race 9 Jim Hall #26  
59/dec/04 9th OA 6th IC 5 lap Governor's Trophy, over-2-litres heat, Nassau Jim Hall #97 Bollée 450 S p148, 149
59/dec/04 5th OA 3rd IC 12 lap Governor's Trophy, over-2-litres race, Nassau Jim Hall #97
59/dec/06 12th OA 4th IC 49 lap Nassau Trophy Jim Hall #97  
60/sep/11 dns (practice only) Road America 500 Jim Jeffords /          Jim Hall #26 Bollée 450 S p162
61/may - practiced by Fred Gamble at VIR, the engine seized  
61 - engine s/n 4514 installed
68 - G. Steve Hammatt, 16593 McLean Road Mount Vernon, WA USA for $2.500.-
Harrison's mechanic Jerry Eisert (Now lives in Fallbrook, CA, c.1999) sold the car on Frank's behalf. It was located at Harrison's Southern California race shop in Orange County, when sold and had engine #4514 installed at that time, as well as it had Corvette disc brakes fitted, along with a Corvette 4 spd. transmission, but the original transmission & aluminum finned brakes were included. The original Bill of Sale and other original paperwork were also included.
in 2018 march 8th ... Steve Hammatt mailed ...
"When I owned the 450S (Chas 4510) it was fitted with engine number 4514. Some years ago when I ran across the engine in a tune-up shop in So. Calif. and this car was now owned by Tom Hollfelder, I’m quite sure the engine was still 4514."
68/aug/09 - Colin Crabbe is offering $4.000.- for 4510 in a letter to Hammatt
69 - Colin Crabbe of Antique Automobiles Ltd., Baston, NR. Peterborough, UK, $5.000.-  
71 - Honorable John Fellowes, UK, a British Member of Parliament, who vintage raced it extensively, Fellowes also owned #4509 at the same time T&CC 10/79 p8
77/feb - M. H. Rigg, Worcestershire, UK  
84 Mille Miglia John Fellowes /   Cross #210
85/jun - advertised by Chris Drake Collectors Cars Ltd., UK T&CC 6/85 p122
85 - Bruce Vanyo, SF, CA, USA - restored at Nino Epifani's, Berkeley, CA  
87 Mille Miglia Jeffrey Vogel /       Canopa #265
88 Mille Miglia Bruce Vanyo / Zucconi #211
89/may/02 - S - Christie's auction in Monaco - £1.2Mio  
89/may/02 - Hans Thulin, S - paid $1.86 Mio via Nick Harley, London, UK  
89/oct - featured in T&CC 10/89 p24 by Doug Nye
91 Mille Miglia Bremer /              Hans Thulin #301
91 - upon Thulin's bankruptcy, the car was repossessed by NY Optima Bank of Sweden  
92 - the bankruptcy of Optima Bank ensued  
92 - Wendelin von Boch-Galhau, Losheimergraben, D for $900k, with a broken motor (Hans Thulin had thumped the newly rebuilt motor on the Mille Miglia Historica in 1991  
97/aug/08-10 OGP Nuerburgring Boch-Galhau /      Piper #533
98/may/19 - Klaus Werner, Klassische Automobile, Wuppertal, D - paid ~ $1.1 mio  
98/sep - Bruce Vanyo, SF, CA, USA
99 - Tom Hollfelder, Covina, CA, USA paid ~ DM1.2M via Martin Eyears  
00   Mille Miglia Tom Hollfelder / Migliorini #322  
00/aug   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Tom Hollfelder #26  
01/aug   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Tom Hollfelder #26  




4510 was never owned by American collector Carl Bross, Detroit, MI, not donated to the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline, MA. The Bross car was #4509, which, was donated to the Brookline Museum and sold eventually to Colin Crabbe of Antique Automobiles Ltd. in England.

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