3083 58/..
Maserati 300 S
Chassis # 3080
Some say that #3083 is actually chassis #3080, just 'restamped'
Engine #
Color exterior - red
Color interior - black?
Fantuzzi 'long nose' versions
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - delivered to Rally Motors, NY, USA, Rally Motors was the Company that bought most all of Cunningham's cars for him. They are still in existence, 1999  
58 1st OA Portugese GP Stirling Moss    
58 1st OA Scandanavian series Stirling Moss    
Entry by Rally Motors NY
DNS fatal accident Sebring Lawrence/Cook #5  
Possible (not confirmed)  
59/jul/25 5th Limerock
1st heat
Pedro Rodriguez #9 dm  
59/jul/25 5th Limerock
2nd heat
Pedro Rodriguez #9 dm  
59/jul/25 3rd OA Limerock
final USAC
Pedro Rodriguez    
71 - Tiny Gould, Philadelphia, USA sold for $8000. It had 2000 original miles and was "never raced"  
71 - Robert Cooper, via Colin Crabbe "UMW 66J"
80's - Chris Drake, UK T&CC 10/82 p30
80's early - Yoshijuki Hayashi, J  
9(?) - new body  
95/jun - to Peter Rae (co-owned with Bruce Vanyo) via Bernie Chase and/or Martin Eyears  
9. - Read, USA
00 Mille Miglia Read #314
01 Mille Miglia Read


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