3074 57dec/30
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, long nose, RHD
Chassis # 3074 renumbered from
Engine # 3074
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - Antonio Mendez de Barros, Sao Paolo, BR 300S p268
58/jan/26 7th OA 1000km Buenos Aires Antonio M. de Barros/     Luis Milan #28 300S p272
5. - probably due to a crash 3074 was sent back to factory, repaired and renumbered to 3035
 - according to Maserati factory build sheets, the chassis # 3074 has been crossed out and is now #3035  
- successfully campaigned by Barros in South America for five years with notable success  
59/sep/07 4th OA 500km Interlagos Antonio M. de Barros    
.. - Celso Lara Barberis, BR
60/jan/10 1st OA II. Etapa do Torneiro Sul-Americano, Interlagos Celso Lara Barberis #28  
60/jan/10 1st OA II. Etapa do Torneiro Sul-Americano, Interlagos Celso Lara Barberis #28  
60/jan/21 4th OA 1000km Buenos Aires Celso Lara Barberis/ Christian Heins #14 300S p269-271
60/apr/23 3rd OA GP J. Kubitschek Celso Lara Barberis #28  
60/sep/09 1st OA 500km Interlagos Celso Lara Barberis #28  
61/jan/15 2nd OA III. Etapa do Torneiro Sul-Americano Celso Lara Barberis  
61/sep/07 3rd OA 500km Interlagos Celso Lara Barberis/ Ruggero Peruzzo/      Emilio Zambello #28  
62/may/20 1st OA Festival Automobilistico do ACESP, Interlagos Celso Lara Barberis #28  
.. - rebodied in South America
7. - Bruce Spicer, AUS
76 - Bob Jane, Melbourne, AUS  
78 - John R. Shephard, Victoria,  AUS  
78 - restoration started by Shephard
8. - Kerry Manolas, Bellevue Hill, AUS  
8. - fully restored by Auto Restorations, Christchurch, NZ
94 - Mark Knopfler, UK (lead singer and guitarist of the Dire Straits) - paid $640,000.-  
9. - restored and rebodied in UK
97/jul/27   Coys Historic Festival Silverstone Mark Knopfler  #46  
99/aug/01   Coys Historic Festival Silverstone Mark Knopfler #21  
02/sep   Le Mans Classic Mark Knopfler/
Alain de Cadenet
#26 300S p273


There is some confusion about this car. According to the factory build sheet, it shows chassis #3074, which was crossed out, then #3035 was written in. Richard Crump speculates that this car may have been used as the factory 350s experimentale, brought back to the factory and wrongly restamped #3035. Crump definitely confirms that it is a correct chassis..



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