3071 57/feb/25
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, long nose, RHD
Chassis # 3071
Engine # Factory replaced the original engine #3071 with engine #3076
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Long nose
Engine specs twin cam in-line 6 cylinder, based on the very successful 250 F motor, weber 45dc03 carb's. 9:1 compression w/ 245 bhp @ 6200 rpm

Fully restored by Stephen Griswold. At that time a new body was fabricated for the car. The car is a bit
different looking in that it is a full two seater with large wind screen. Most of the 300S's had a a full sized driver's seat and a smaller passenger side seat. This is a very nice feature for vintage racing and rallying
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - works racer  
57/feb/24 1st OA GP Cuba Juan Manuel Fangio #2 AR p144, 154, 159
57/mar/23 2nd OA
1st IC
12h Sebring Stirling Moss /            Harry Schell #20 AR p215        300S p241-243
57 - John Edgar, Encino, CA, USA  
57/apr/06 1st OA Palm Springs prelim Carroll Shelby #98  
57/apr/07 2nd OA Palm Springs main Carroll Shelby #98 ASCR, p139
57/apr/20 3rd OA Hawaii prelim Carroll Shelby #98  
57/apr/21 3rd OA Hawaii main Carroll Shelby #98  
57/may/19 1st OA Cumberland AFB Carroll Shelby #8  
57/may/26 1st OA Cotati Carroll Shelby #98 300S p246
57/jun/02 dnf Eagle Mountain prelim Carroll Shelby #98
57/jun/02 dnf Eagle Mountain main Carroll Shelby #98  
57/jun/09 1st OA Lime Rock Carroll Shelby #8  
57/jun/23 dns Elkhart Lake Carroll Shelby #9  
57/jul/14 dnf Marlboro Carroll Shelby #98  
57/sep/08 2nd OA Road America 500, Elkhart Lake Carroll Shelby #8 300S p244 
57/sep/21 11th OA Riverside prelim Bill Pollack #98 300S p245
57/sep/22 3rd OA Riverside main Bill Pollack #98  
57/nov/09 1st OA Laguna Seca prelim Carroll Shelby #98  
57/nov/10 4th OA
3rd IC
Laguna Seca main Carroll Shelby #98 ASCR, p140
58 - Nemore Barbieri, SF, CA, USA  
60/mar/27 Stockton Chuck Tannlund #18 300S p247
6. - Ron Dykes, Palo Alto, CA, USA  
62/apr/14 Stockton Ron Dykes
6. - George West, SF, CA, USA  
7. - Stephen E. Block, SF, CA, USA  
80 - restored by The Griswold Company, Berkeley, CA, USA Note:
Nino Epifani was an employee of Griswold Company
84 Mille Miglia Stephen Block /         Nino Epifani #175
8. - Pietro Brigato, Grumolo delle Abbadesse, I  
86 Mille Miglia Brigato /             Bozetto  #251 MM86 p85
92  Mille Miglia Brigato /                  Bozetto   #262
9. - Bruce Vanyo, SF, CA, USA  
98 - Anthony Wang, Long Island, NY, USA  
- has a spare state-of-the-art hot rod 3.5 litre motor that was spec'd for racing  
00/aug Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Anthony Wang #238




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