3068 56/jul/23
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, long nose, RHD
Chassis # 3068
Engine # 3068
Color exterior - Red
Color interior - Red
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56/aug/24 - Charles Rezzaghi, SF, CA, USA - Mille Miglia Motors  
56/sep/01 - A. D. Logan, OK, USA  
56/sep/03 1st OA Stillwater, race 2 Dale Duncan  
56/sep/03 3rd OA Stillwater, race 3 A. D. Logan  
56/sep/03 Stillwater, main A. D. Logan  
56/nov/25 dnf Mansfield prelim Dale Duncan #28 300S p229
56/nov/25 dns Mansfield main Dale Duncan #28  
57/mar - A. V. Dayton, Tulsa, OK, USA
57/may/18 1st OA Coffeyville prelim Dale Duncan #1  
57/may/19 1st OA Coffeyville main Dale Duncan #1  
57/jul/07 dnf (gearbox) Galveston prelim Dale Duncan    
57/jul/07 1st OA Galveston main Dale Duncan    
57/aug/03 3rd OA Virginia International Raceway prelim Dale Duncan #1  
57/aug/03 3rd OA Virginia International Raceway prelim Dale Duncan #1  
57/sep/15 1st OA Stillwater prelim Dale Duncan #1  
57/sep/15 dnf (gearbox) Stillwater main Dale Duncan #1  
58 - repainted blue
58/mar/22 dnf
(while 8th)
12h Sebring Dale Duncan/          Jack Hinkle/        Joakim Bonnier #7 300S p226, 227 
A good story as told by Jack Hinkle. He was to drive with Duncan at '58 Sebring. To add more prestige to their entry, Bonnier was brought in. Hinkle and Daytona were appalled at how roughly he drove. Despite repeated requests to ease up, he destroyed the transmission.  
58/sep/14 1st OA Stillwater Texas
4th race
Dale Duncan #1  
58/sep/14 dnf
Stillwater Texas
Main event
Dale Duncan #1  
59 - Capt. Daniel M. Edmonds, Ft. Worth, TX, USA  
.. - Chevy V8 engine installed
60's - very actively campaigned in U.S. Races by Capt. Edmonds  
75 - Joel E. Finn, Ridgefield, CT, USA  
78 - Stephen E. Block, SF, CA, USA  
79/aug - offered by Rudy Pas, NL  
80 - Giulio Dubbini, Padova, I  
8. - rebodied by Steve Griswold. There are numerous period advertisements by Griswold in his restoration ads stating that he rebodied the car in alloy.  
88/oct/18 - Federico Dubbini, Padova, I (after his father's death)
90 - Bruce Vanyo, SF, CA, USA  
90 - completely restored, correct type engine installed built up from spare parts  
91/aug   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Bruce Vanyo #4 300S p230
92 - John Mozart, Paolo Alto, CA, USA  
95/sep/09 - The car is extremely well sorted out for racing. It currently has a modern fuel cell in it, but the correct alloy tank comes with it. As well, the car has fittings for the roll bar that comes with it, as used for vintage racing.  
97/jan - Robson S. Walton, Bentonville, AR, USA for $600k, via Mark Smith  
99/aug   Pebble Beach Concours Rob Walton    
00/aug   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Rob Walton    


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