3060 55/oct/31
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, short nose, RHD
Chassis # 3060
Engine #3060
Color exterior -
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55/oct/31 - Maserati Corp. of America, NY, NY, USA  
56/mar/24 factory entry acc. 12h Sebring Cesare Perdisa/      Carlos Menditeguy #25 300S p151, 152
- badly damaged, but on its way back the wreck with the trailer was hit by a truck, almost destroying everything  
56-57 - rebuilt by Maserati Corp. of America
57/may/12 1st OA Little Switzerland hillclimb, Eureka Springs Dale Duncan
57 - John Edgar, Encino, CA, USA  
57/may/19 1st OA Cumberland Airport Carroll Shelby #8 300S p155 SCCA Sports Car Jul/Aug'57 p6
57/jun/09 1st OA Lime Rock Carroll Shelby #8 SCCA Sports Car, Jul/Aug'57 p12
57 - Jacob Robert Bucher, Binghamton, NY, USA
57/aug/18 6th OA Montgomery Bob Bucher
57/sep/01 2nd OA Thompson prelim Bob Bucher #29  
57/sep/02 2nd OA Thompson main Bob Bucher #29  
57/sep/08 2nd OA Road America 500, Elkhart Lake Carroll Shelby #9 300S p154 
57/sep/21 6th OA Watkins Glen George Constantine #49  
57/sep/28 Bridgehampton Bruce Kessler/       George Constantine  
5. - Rallye Motors, Glen Cove, NY, USA
59/mar/21 dns (fatal acc. in pract. 12h Sebring Edwin P. Lawrence+/ James Cook/            Ralph Durbin #5 300S p152, 155
60 - rebuilt with fiberglass bodywork
6. - Chevy 235cu V8 engine installed, GM auto
6. - Tom Johnson, TX, USA - repainted black
.. - Ed Tingle, Grand Prairie, TX, USA 300S p156 "LDK 872 (TX)" 
76 - Katherine McClure, TX, USA found it in Texas, paid $2,500.-, drove it around for a while  
77/jan - Kyle Fleming, TX, USA paid $5,000.-, with the Chevy engine & drive train, incredibly ugly fiberglass "aerodynamic thing" stuck on to an alloy body  
77/feb - Steve Barney, Greensboro, NC, USA  
77 - Rudy Pas & David Cohen, Rijsbergen, NL  
7. - Gys Van Beusekom, Rijsbergen, NL  
9./early - Gary Schoenwald, NY, NY, USA - as a rolling chassis & possibly a transaxle  
91/sep - $300,000.- restoration completed by Cyril Embry, UK  
91 - the engine installed is an amalgam of parts that Cameron Miller found and built into a motor, has a small valve head, the stamping is/was blurred (c. 1990) and cannot be definitively said to be #3068
93 - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK ?  
93 - raced by Willie Green  
98/aug - offered by Martin Chisholm, UK
9. - Klaus Werner, Wuppertal, D
00/may 1st OA GP Historique Monaco Claudia Huertgen
00 - Rodney Smith, Portola Valley, CA, USA


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