3057 55/may
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, short nose, RHD
Chassis # 3057
Engine # 3009
Color exterior - Red with white longitudinal bonnet, white nose band
Color interior - Burgundy seats
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Benoit Musy, Fribourg, CH 300S p118, 119
55/may/08 1st OA Voiture de Serie, Spa Benoit Musy    
55/may/22 1st OA GP des Frontières, Chimay Benoit Musy    
55/jul/24 5th OA GP Sweden, Kristianstad Benoit Musy    
55/aug/14 2nd OA Karlskoga Kannonloppet Benoit Musy   300S p123 
55/aug/27 dns Oulton Park Benoit Musy    
55/sep/17 dnf GP Portugal Benoit Musy #4 300S p120
56/feb/26 dnf GP Agadir Benoit Musy #12  
56/apr/14 1st OA British Empire Trophy, Oulton Park Benoit Musy #57  
56/apr/21 6th OA Aintree Ken Wharton #57 300S p120
56/may/05 5th OA Silverstone Benoit Musy #32
56/may/20 1st OA GP des Frontières, Chimay Benoit Musy #6 300S p121 Maserati Days p112
56/jun/17 3rd OA GP Porto Benoit Musy #6  
56/jul/08 8th OA Rouen Benoit Musy #26
56/jul/15 1st OA Les Sables d'Olonne GP Benoit Musy    
56/jul/22 1st OA GP Bari Benoit Musy    
56/aug/12 dnf (gearbox) GP Sweden, Kristianstad Benoit Musy/       André Simon #12 300S p122 
56/oct/07 - Musy died at Coupe du Salon Monthlery race, driving a 200 S (the steering had failed) Musy's family kept 3057 until 1958  
56 - stored at factory
58/jun/18 - Automovel e Touring Clube de Angola, Luanda, AO "APN-06-54"
58/sep/21 GP Angola, Luanda Joaquin Correira de Oliviera
59/jul/19 GP Angola, Luanda Flavio dos Santos #10
61/jul/23 Lourenco Marques Maximino Correira #10 300S p123
62/jul/20-21 dns (engine) Lourenco Marques Maximino Correira #10
62 - after the engine was wrecked a Ford V8 engine was installed
62/dec/02 dnf Luanda Flavio dos Santos #10

75/nov - following the Communist Revolution in November 1975, the Portuguese fled from Angola and left various sports cars behind. Due to economic difficulties during that years, many of the cars were transformed into street cars. Artur & Filhos, a car dealer and workshop, installed a US V8 cylinder into the car and used Maserati no. 3057 as a convertible sports car.

7.-89 - "before long 3057 was left to gather the African dust and there it lay for decades"  
89/nov/13 - Stein Johnsen, Norway discovered it and imported it to Norway - $700k 300S p124, 125
91/mar/09 - arrived in Oslo per ship
92/feb - Peter J. Scott, Ashe Park, Hampshire, UK "MSJ 963"
92-94 - completely restored at Church Green, Dorset. New (Cyril Embry) engine & gearbox  
95/feb - offered by Paradise Garage, Scout Lane, Clapham, London T&CC 95/feb p32 CaS 95/2 - 97/5 
.. - original engine installed in s/n 3069  
96/aug/04 Coys Historic Festival, Silverstone Martin Stretton #31
97/may/04 3rd GP Historique Monaco Martin Stretton #10
97/jul/27   Coys Historic Festival, Silverstone Martin Stretton #47  
97/aug/08 2nd OGP Nuerburgring Martin Stretton #235
98/jul/26   Coys Historic Festival, Silverstone Martin Stretton #10  
98/oct - Tom Walduck, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK - paid £360k ($600k)  
99   Mille Miglia Walduck/        McSwan #317  
00/mar/15 - Dr. Michael Hinderer, Gruenwald, D  
00/jun/17 dnf Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Le Mans Michael Hinderer #155
00/aug/04   OGP Nuerburgring Michael Hinderer #360  
01/apr/28-29 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Spa, Group B Michael Hinderer #58
01/jun/25 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Brands Hatch Martin Stretton #58
01/aug/27 Silverstone Historic Festival Martin Stretton #33
01/aug/11 OGP Nuerburgring Michael Hinderer #426
01/oct/21 Tutte le Ferrari a Monza Michael Hinderer #58
03/aug/09 6th OA 6th IC Historic Ferrari-Maserati Challenge, OGP Nuerburgring, Grid B, heat 1 Michael Hinderer #56
03/aug/10 5th OA 5th IC Historic Ferrari-Maserati Challenge, OGP Nuerburgring, Grid B, heat 2 Michael Hinderer #56
04/aug/07 2nd OA 2nd IC OGP Nuerburgring, race 6, heat 1 Michael Hinderer/ Martin Stretton #125
04/aug/08 5th OA 4th IC OGP Nuerburgring, race 6, heat 2 Michael Hinderer/ Martin Stretton #125
05 - Peter Giddings, SF, CA, USA
05/aug Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Peter Giddings
06/jan/20 - S - RM's Vintage Motor Cars in Arizona auction - $1,925mio incl. buyer's prem.
06/jan/20 - ..........., TX, USA
07/jan - Peter LeSaffre, Andover, MA, USA
09 - Stephan Rettenmaier, Pattensen, D (Holzmuehle)
10/sep   Goodwood Revival Meeting, Sussex Trophy Stefan Rettenmaier #29
11/jun/03   Coppa InterEuropa, Monza Stefan Rettenmaier #55
12 Le Mans Classic Stefan Rettenmaier/ Josef-Otto Rettenmaier #241
1. - Josef-Otto Rettenmaier, Holzmuehle, D


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