3056 55/jun/20
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, short nose, RHD
Chassis # 3056/3077
Engine # 3056/3077
Color exterior - Blue
Color interior - Blue
long nose configuration with side grills in both fenders
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Robert Jenny, Lausanne, CH  
55/jun/26 dns GP Portugal Toulo de Graffenried    
55/jul/24 2nd OA GP Lisboa Toulo de Graffenried   300S p108 
55/sep/03 6th OA Aintree Robert Jenny #72  
55/sep 2nd IC Cote de Verbois Robert Jenny #40 300S p107
55/sep/11 2nd OA St. Ursanne-Les Rangiers hillcimb Robert Jenny #40  
56 - John de Puy, CH (USA) - Ecurie Romandie, CH  
56/may/05 8th OA Silverstone Bob Gerard #34 300S p110 
56/may/27 dns 1000km Nuerburgring Toulo de Graffenried/ Ken Wharton #11  
56/jun/17 dnf VII. Circuito Internacional do Porto Toulo de Graffenried #5 300S p109 
56/jun/30 dnf 12h Reims Ken Wharton/      Paul von Metternich #21  
56 - back to factory
56 - modified with long nose, bigger brakes, stronger crankshaft, 450 S exhaust  
57/jun/22 dnf 24h Le Mans Joakim Bonnier/ Giorgio Scarlatti #12 300S p111
57/aug/11 3rd OA GP Sweden, Kristianstad Joakim Bonnier/ Giorgio Scarlatti/ Stirling Moss/     Harry Schell #9
57 - Scuderia Centro Sud, Roma, I (Guglielmo Dei)
58/jan/14 - renumbered to # 3077 when engine 3077 was installed  
58/jan - Jean Behra, Nice, F
58/feb/23 7th OA GP Cuba Jean Behra #22 300S p113
58/jul/13 2nd OA GP Vila Real Jean Behra #4
58/sep - Gerino Gerini, Milano, I - Scuderia Guastalla
58/sep - new engine installed, stamped 3077
59/mar/30 10th OA Sussex Trophy, Goodwood Hermano da Silva Ramos
59 - Paul Growley, Glendale, CA, USA  
59 - William N. Dixon, Seattle, WA, USA - campaigned by him, called "The Barber's Bomb"  
60 - Chevy 351cu V8 engine installed, engine 3077 removed  
60/apr/02 2nd OA Examiner GP, Riverside, prelim Bill Dixon    
60/apr/03 7th OA Examiner GP, Riverside, main Bill Dixon    
60/oct/15   2nd Consolation race, Riverside  Bill Dixon    
60/oct/22 5th OA Pacific GP, Laguna Seca  (amateur) Bill Dixon    
61/feb/25   Riverside prelim Bill Dixon #711  
61/feb/26 4th OA 1st IC Riverside main Bill Dixon #711 300S p114 
61/mar/12 dnf Pamona Bill Dixon    
7. - Dan Smith, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA  
.. - Lenard M. Renick, Fullerton, CA, USA (Cadillac dealer)  
.. - 3500 GT engine installed
84/oct - offered by Chris Drake Collectors Cars Ltd., GB with 3500 GT engine CaS 10/84 p105 CaS 11/84 p119
8. - Dr. Frederick A. Simeone, Philadelphia, PA, USA via Keith Duly  
8. - car competely restored by Neal Twyman, UK  
.. - engine 3073 restored by Cyril Embry, with car  
.. - original engine 3077 purchased from Bob Rubin and installed




Complicated story:
There is some confusion regarding chassis #3077 and #3056. Most likely car #3072 was crashed badly at Caracas in 1957 driven by Joakim Bonnier. There's a thesis that #3056 was in Caracas as an experimental car with a V12 installed but did only practice. (See Motorsport Feb./2000 p76.)
Some claim that the chassis from #3077 was used to rebuild #3056 but most probably chassis 3077 was rebuilt with parts from 3056 and 3066.




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