3055 55/may/08
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, short nose, RHD
Chassis # 3055
Engine # 3055
Color exterior - Red
Interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - works racer  
1st OA GP Bari Jean Behra  
3rd OA GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Cesare Perdisa/ Roberto Mieres #70 300S p97
dnf (gearbox) 24h Le Mans Luigi Musso/       Gino Valenzano #16 "BO 45749"
55/jun/29 1st OA Trieste-Opicina hill climb Franco Bordoni #156 300S p98 Maserati Days p104
55/sep/18 5th OA Tourist Trophy, Dundrod Luigi Musso/   Franco Bordoni #15
55/nov/06 dnf GP Venezuela, Caracas Luigi Musso #20
55/nov - modified with long nose
56/jan/29 3rd OA 1000km Buenos Aires Jean Behra/     Froilan Gonzales #32
56/may/27 dnf 1000km Nuerburgring Stirling Moss/      Jean Behra #5 300S p99-101
- Moss switched to 3059
56/jun/10 1st OA 1000km Paris, Monthléry Jean Behra/ Louis Rosier #1 300S p102
56/jul/08 3rd OA GP Rouen Jean Behra #8 300S p103
56/dec/02 2nd OA Australian TT Albert Park, Melbourne  Jean Behra #6 Crump p161
57/dec/20 - Doug Whiteford, AUS "47749"
57/feb   Fishermen's Bend Doug Whiteford    
57/mar/24 1st OA Albert Park Doug Whiteford    
58/feb/23 3rd Victorian Trophy Doug Whiteford    
58/mar/03 4th Longford Trophy Tasmania Doug Whiteford #4  
acc. Bathurst Doug Whiteford    
- caught by a gust of wind on the Con Rod Straight just as it topped a rise in the braking Area. The car left the road at 130 mph, slid sideways for 50 yards, and spun three times and on each occasion hitting the fence, and skidded backwards up the escape road, to be stopped only by the fence  
58/oct/23 1st OA Melbourne GP, Albert Park Doug Whiteford #26  
58/dec/26 dnf Philip Island Doug Whiteford #26  
1st South Pacific Championship Doug Whiteford #26  
59/feb/28 1st OA Australian GP, Longford, Tasman Trophy Doug Whiteford #26  
59/mar/02 dnf Australian GP, Longford Doug Whiteford #26  
59 1st Fisherman's Bend Club Trophy Doug Whiteford    
59 3rd Fisherman's Bend Victorian Trophy Doug Whiteford    
59 7th Bathurst Doug Whiteford    
59/oct acc. Australian TT Doug Whiteford    
60/mar 2nd Tourist Trophy, Longford Doug Whiteford #10  
60 4th Philips Island Trophy race Doug Whiteford    
61/jul - Bill & Jim Leech, MT. Eliza, 3930, Victoria, AUS "HGF 148"
"WL 333"
61/aug/27   Geelong Sprints Doug Whiteford    
57-60 raced very successfully by Doug Whiteford in Australian Sports car championships. It was raced by Whiteford from 1961-1963, when owned by the Leech brothers. The car was retired from racing in 1964.  
8. - Steve Forristall's G.T. Cars, Houston, TX, USA  
88 - Bibs Stillwell, Phoenix, AZ, USA (AUS) via Steve Forristall, TX, USA  
89 - very bad storage trailer accident where the chassis was badly damaged. As of 1994 the car was properly repaired  
.. - Robert M. Rubin, NY, NY, USA  
.. - .............., D  
96/mid - Dudley & Sally Mason-Styrron, UK for $1,0m+  
96/aug/04   Coys Historic Festival Silverstone Mason-Styrron #34  
97/aug/08-10 OGP Nuerburgring Mason-Styrron #319
98   Mille Miglia Mason-Styrron/
03 - Hugh Taylor, UK




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