3052 55/Feb/17
Maserati 300 S Fantuzzi, short nose, RHD
Chassis # 3052
Engine # 3052
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Briggs S. Cunningham, West Palm Beach, FL, USA  
55/may/15 4th OA 3rd IC SCCA Cumberland National, race 11 Briggs Cunningham #30 300S p72 
55/jul/04 6th OA 3rd IC SCCA National Sports Car Races, Beverly, race 3 Briggs Cunningham #98  
55/jul/04 6th OA 4th IC SCCA National Sports Car Races, Beverly, race 6 Briggs Cunningham/ Sherwood Johnston #98 300S p71
55/sep/17 dnf 8th Annual International Sports Car GP, Watkins Glen John G. Bennett #59 NASCR p149, 151 ASCR p122
55/oct/16 5th OA SCCA Fairchield AFB, Hagerstown main Briggs Cunningham #58  
56 - Philip Stewart, Chicago, IL, USA
56/mar/10 dnf Walterboro, SC Phil Stewart #66  
56/may/20 1st OA Wisconsin GP Phil Stewart #66  
56/jun/24 6th OA SCCA Road America, Elkhart Lake Phil Stewart #66 300S p72
5. - Jack Hinkle, Wichita, KS, USA  
57 - repainted blue
57/may/19 2nd OA Coffeyville Jack Hinkle #66  
57/jun/01-02 acc. Eagle Mountain, Ft. Worth AFB Jack Hinkle #66 300S p73
57/sep/15 1st OA Stillwater Jack Hinkle #66  
5. - J. Ebb Rose, Houston, TX, USA
58 - Chevy V8 engine installed - Micro-Lube-Special; repainted white-blue
.. - original engine # 3052 went into # 3073
58/mar/08-09 1st OA Mansfield, race 7 Ebb Rose #66  
58/sep/07 dnf Lime Rock Lloyd Ruby  
58/sep/28 dnf Watkins Glen Lloyd Ruby  
59/feb/15 dnf Eagle Mountain, Ft. Worth AFB Ebb Rose #46 300S p76 
59/mar/08 5th OA 1st Annual Examiner GP, Pomona Lloyd Ruby #246 300S p75
59/apr/05 dnf 1000km Daytona Carroll Shelby #46
59/may/31 dnf Meadowdale GP Sonny McDaniel #46
59/jun/06 6th OA Lime Rock Sonny McDaniel #46
59/jul/05 dnf Meadowdale Roger Ward #46
59/jul/19 dnf Riverside Duane Carter #46
59/sep/05 acc. Meadowdale Lloyd Ruby #46 300S p76
59/sep/05 - car destroyed and scrapped



According to Colin Crabbe, with supporting documentation, he bought chassis #3073 with engine #3052 in 1971 from Stan Nowak.


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