Maserati Tipo 26 C

3011 34/feb/19
Maserati Tipo 8 CM
Chassis # 3011
Engine # 3011
Color exterior - white/blue
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
34 - Whitney Straight, London, UK (USA)  
- painted white/blue  
34/may/06 dnf GP Tripolis Whitney Straight #54  
34/may/20 4th OA GP Casablanca Whitney Straight #12  
34/jun/23 2nd OA British Empire Trophy, Brooklands Whitney Straight #51  
34/jun/23 135.49 mph for flying mile Brooklands Speed Whitney Straight #51  
34/aug/05 3rd Klausenpass Whitney Straight #62  
34/aug/15 dnf Coppa Acerbo, Pescara Whitney Straight    
34/aug/26 3rd OA GP Comminges Whitney Straight #2  
34/sep/16 dnf Mont Ventoux Whitney Straight    
- painted black  
34/oct/03 53.2 sec Brooklands Mountain Circuit Whitney Straight    
34/oct/06 1st Donington Park Trophy Whitney Straight #22  
34/oct/13 1st Mountain Championship, Brooklands Whitney Straight    
34 1st Mountain Handicap, Brooklands Whitney Straight    
34/dec/27 1st Border 100, East London Whitney Straight #18  
35 - Harry Rose, UK  
35/may/18 3rd IC Shelsley Walsh Harry Rose    
35/oct/05 dnf Donington Park Trophy R.E.L. Featherstonhaugh #12  
35/oct/19 4th Bountain Championship, Brooklands Harry Rose    
- engine capacity reduced to 2.7 liter  
36 - Richard Seaman, UK  
36/apr/04 1st British Empire Trophy, Donington Richard Seaman #28  
36/may/02 4th OA 1st IC International Trophy, Brooklands Harry Rose #8  
- engine capacity back to 2.9 liter  
36 - Prince B. Bira (Birabongse Bhanutej Bhjanubandh), Siam (UK)  
- painted blue  
36/sep/26 2nd Phoenix Park Handicap, Dublin B. Bira #2  
36/oct/03 5th OA Donington Park GP B. Bira #18  
36/oct/17 3rd OA Mountain Championship, Brooklands B. Bira    
37/apr/10 dnf British Empire Trophy, Donington B. Bira    
37/may/01 1st Campbell Trophy, Brooklands B. Bira #27 Maserati Days, p40 (3011 also with modified grille (like 3012))
37/may/22 acc. Cork Handicap race B. Bira #1  
37/aug/02 dnf International Trophy, Brooklands B. Bira #4  
37/aug/14 2nd Crystal Palace Cup Handicap B. Bira #19  
37/aug/28 2nd JCC 200m race, Donington B. Bira #4  
37/sep/11 2nd Phoenix Park Handicap, Dublin B. Bira #1  
37/oct/02 6th OA Donington Park GP B. Bira #11 Crump, p43
38/mar/12 2nd Third March Handicap, Campbell Circuit B. Bira    
38/apr/23 2nd Cork GP B. Bira #20  
38/may/07 dnf (rear axle) International Trophy, Brooklands B. Bira #4  
38/aug/27 2nd JCC 200m race, Brooklands B. Bira #9  
38/sep/10 dnf Phoenix Park Scratch Race B. Bira #1  
38/sep/24 acc. Dunlop Jubilee Trophy, Brooklands B. Bira #14  
- painted blue/yellow  
39/may/06 1st International Trophy, Brooklands B. Bira #6  
39/aug/07 2nd Campbell Trophy, Brooklands B. Bira    
39/aug/26 dns Imperial Trophy, Crystal Palace B. Bira #7  
46/may/19 6th GP de Frontieres, Chimay B. Bira #4  
46/sep/07 2nd Brighton Speed Trials B. Bira    
46/sep/22 4th Prescott B. Bira    
47/jun/21 3rd  Shelsley Walsh B. Bira #46  
47/sep/01 2nd Brighton Speed Trials B. Bira    
47/sep/27 5th Shelsley Walsh B. Bira #55  
47 - Kenneth McAlpine, UK  
.. - engine s/n 3013 fitted  
- painted black  
48/mar/29 6th OA 2nd IC Luton Hoo Speed Trials Kenneth McAlpine #64  
48/jun/05 3rd OA 2nd IC Stanmer Park HC Kenneth McAlpine #68  
48/jun/12 dnf Shelsley Walsh Kenneth McAlpine    
48/jul/10 14th OA  Leinster Trophy Handicap Kenneth McAlpine    
48/jul/18 6th Prescott Kenneth McAlpine    
48/sep/04 3rd Brighton Speed Trials Kenneth McAlpine    
48/sep/12 2nd IC Prescott Kenneth McAlpine    
48/sep/25 8th OA 3rd IC Shelsley Walsh Kenneth McAlpine #70  
48/oct/09 1st Weston Super Mare Kenneth McAlpine 1st  
49/jan - new Armstrong hydraulic shocks fitted  
51 - Leslie W. Boyce, UK  
- painted red  
51/sep/01 8th Brighton Speed Trials Leslie W. Boyce    
5. - Harold C. "Knobby" Spero, UK  
.. - Dan Margulies, UK  
.. - Earl of Moray, UK  
- displayed at Doune Motor Museum  
84 - David Heimann, UK  
8. - Peter Giddings, San Francisco, CA, USA  
8. - original engine reuntied with chassis (see 3013 )
00/jan/21 2nd Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, drum brake class, Cavallino Classic, Moroso Peter Giddings    


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