250 F GP s/n 2535250 F GP s/n 2535250 F GP s/n 2535
250 F GP s/n 2535

Tec-Mec or 2535
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2535
Engine #
Color exterior -
Color interior -
The last of the series. It was started in the factory workshop, but completed by Valerio Colotti in his own shop, Officine Tecnica Meccanica, long after the factory racing team ceased operations at the end of the 1957 season. Although not officially assigned a 250F chassis number, the Tec-Mec would have been '2535.'
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - Studio Tec-Mec, I Crump p301
5. - Gordon Pennington jr.
5. - Lloyd Perry Casner, USA
59/dec/12 dnf oil tank United States GP, Sebring Fritz d'Orey #15  
.. - Tom Wheatcroft, GB
.. - Barrie Baxter, GB
00/aug/05 OGP Nuerburgring Barrie Baxter
01 - offered by The Chelsea Workshop

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