2533 58
Maserati 250 F
Chassis #2533
Engine #2533
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -

2533 - The first of the 'Tipo 3' cars built by the factory under the sponsorship of Temple Buell - as 2532. These cars are often called the 'Piccolo' cars. The cars were lighter, smaller, and had a shorter wheelbase than earlier versions of the 250/F. They were a rear guard reaction to the changes in the formula, particularly the shortened races distances. In common with some of the later cars, the driveshafts were angled slightly.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - works racer
58/jun/15 pract. GP Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps Masten Gregory McKinney p99
58/jul/06 4th OA GP France, Reims Juan Manuel Fangio #34
- Juan Manuel Fangio's last race in a Maserati 250 F
58 - Temple Buell, Kansas City, KS, USA  
58 - repainted blue
58/aug/24 9th GP Automovel de Portugal, Porto Carroll Shelby #28 
58/sep/07 4th OA GP Italy, Monza Masten Gregory/    Carroll Shelby #32
58 - Piccolo nose added, red central stripe
59 - disc brakes added
59/late - Scuderia Centro Sud, I - red with standard nose
60/feb/07 dnf GP de la Republica Argentina, Buenos Aires Giorgio Scarlatti #8
60/feb/14 dnf GP Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Cordoba Giorgio Scarlatti #8
60/feb/14 4th OA GP Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Cordoba Ettore Chimeri #44
60 - Joe Lubin, L.A., CA, USA for Bob Drake
60 - repainted white with 2 blue central stripes
60/nov/20 13th United States GP, Riverside  Bob Drake #20
6. - repainted red
62 Intercontinental race, Indianapolis Don Hulette
6. - repainted gold & fitted with roll bar behind cockpit
63 Hoosier GP, Indianapolis Don Hulette
63-84 - stored at Bruno Ferrari's shop, La Trobe, PA, USA
84 - Donald Orosco, L.A., CA, USA - paid $100,000.- CaS 4/85 p7
84-86 - restored by Crosthwaite & Gardiner, UK; Piccolo nose added
86/jun Silverstone Don Orosco
86/aug Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Don Orosco
86 - Bob Rubin, NY, NY, USA
87 - Ralph Lauren, Long Island, NY, USA
01/mar - Bob Rubin, NY, NY, USA
03/sep - Dr. Thomas Bscher, Koeln, D
04/may GP Historique Monaco Thomas Bscher
09/dec/11 - Willi Balz, Wolfschlugen, D


Chassis 2532 renumbered as 2533:

58/sep/07 4th GP d'Italia, Monza Masten Gregory/    Carroll Shelby #32
Chassis 2534 renumbered as 2533:
58/oct/19 6th GP de Maroc, Ain Diab Masten Gregory #22

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