Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2526
Engine #
Color exterior -
Color interior -
2526 (2522, 2523, 2530) - The other factory special built exclusively for the 1956 race at Monza. It had the angled engine (fuoricentro), lowered seating position, revised bodywork and fuel tank. It was only raced by the factory twice and then retained by the works team until 1958. In 1958, it was re-numbered as 2530 and sold to Antonio Creus since '2526' had already been applied to 2522 or 2523/1 when it was sold to Keith Campbell. It was initially thought that Campbell had been sold 2501, but that was due in part to the new bodywork which was very similar to that of 2501.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - works racer
56/sep/02 dnf
GP d'Italia, Monza Jean Behra #32  
57/jul/14 8th
GP de Reims Juan Fangio #10  
58 - renumbered as 2530
58 - Antonio Creus, E  
58/apr/18 acc. GP di Siracusa Antonio Creus #8  
60/feb/07 dnf     driver exhaustion GP de la Republica Argentina, Buenos Aires Antonio Creus #12  
.. - Antonio Versa, I  
66 - Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse, F
- displayed at Musée Nationale d'Automobile

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