250 F s/n 2526250 F s/n 2526



2522 56/jan
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2522
Engine #
Color exterior -
Color interior -
2522 (2507, 2516, 2523, 2526) - A works car delivered officially in March 1956, but which actually made its debut in Argentina as '2516'. Originally it was thought that 2522 was only rebodied at the end of the 1956 season. It was rebodied and renumbered as 2523 in August 1956. 2522-2523 was used as muletto for the development of the V-12. Sold to Scuderia Centro Sud in 1957. For 1958, the V-12 was replaced by a 6-cylinder 250F unit and renumbered as 2526. Chassis 2522, in the guise of chassis 2526 is then sold to Keith Campbell. Stored after death in Italy. Using the old chassis of 2507 which had been retained by the works, a 'new' chassis is built-up and numbered as '2523'. And then this chassis, '2507/2523' is then renumbered as '2522' by Scuderia Centro Sud when the 'real' 2522 becomes '2523'. With me so far? This chassis is then obtained by Temple Buell.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - works racer

entered as 2516
dnf engine GP de la Republica Argentina,
Buenos Aires
Stirling Moss #2  

entered as 2516
2nd GP Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
Stirling Moss #2  
56/apr/02 1st Glover Trophy, Goodwood Stirling Moss #1  
56/may/13 1st GP de Monaco Stirling Moss #28  
56/jun/03 3rd GP de Belgique,
Cesare Perdisa/ Stirling Moss #34  
56/jul/01 5th GP de l'Automobile Club de France, Reims Cesare Perdisa/ Stirling Moss #6  
56/jul/14 8th R.A.C. British GP, Silverstone Stirling Moss #7  
56/aug/05 dnf steering GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Umberto Maglioli #8  
56/aug - renumbered as 2523
56/sep/02 11th, steering GP d'Italia, Monza Umberto Maglioli/ Jean Behra #46  
5. - V12 engine installed
57/apr/07 practice only, V-12 Siracusa      
57/may/19 practice only - V-12 GP de Monaco Juan Fangio #32T  
57/jul/14 dnf gearbox GP de Reims Carlos Menditeguy #46  
57/aug/18 practice only GP di Pescara Juan Fangio #2T  
57/sep/08 practice only GP d'Italia, Monza Juan Fangio #2T  
5th GP di Siracusa Maria-Teresa de Filippis #6  
- Maria-Teresa de Filippis entry
dnq GP de Monaco Maria-Teresa de Filippis #44  
- Maria-Teresa de Filippis entry
GP d'Italia, Monza Carroll Shelby #34  
- Scuderia Centro Sud entry
5. - renumbered as 2526
.. - Keith Campbell
.. - Richard Bergel
.. - Lord Angus Clydesdale
.. - Earl of Strathmore
.. - Bobby Bell
.. - Peter Heuberger, CH
dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Spa, Grid A Peter Heuberger #22  
  Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este Peter Heuberger    
01/apr/28-29   Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Spa, Group A Peter Heuberger #22
01/jul/20-22 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Brands Hatch, Group A Peter Heuberger #22


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