2512 (2518, 2520) 54/jul
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis # 2512
Engine #
Color exterior -
Color interior -
This was the first 250F with the riveted rear fuel tank. Marimón was driving 2512 at the time he crashed and was killed.
Sergio Mantovani was driving 2512 when he crashed at Turin, suffering massive leg injuries and effectively ending his career when one leg was amputated.
It dropped from sight in mid-1955 and was re-numbered as '2518'. This was the streamliner (monoposto aerodinamica) used at Monza and Siracusa.
In the Summer of 1956, the chassis was damaged by a fire and subsequently scrapped by the factory. The streamliner bodywork was discarded by the works and not retained.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/jul - works car  
54/aug/01 dns
fatal accident
GP von Deutschland,
Onofre Marimón #6  
54/aug/22 5th GP der Schweiz, Bremgarten Sergio Mantovani #28  
54/sep/05 retired
clutch spring
GP d'Italia, Monza Luigi Villoresi #22  
55/jan/16 acc. GP de la Republica Argentina,
Buenos Aires
Carlos Menditeguy #24  
55/may/22 8th
clutch, spin, stall
GP de Monaco Cesare Perdisa &
Jean Behra
55/jun/06 8th GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Cesare Perdisa #26  
55/mid - rebuilt as 'streamliner" and renumbered as 2518  
55/sep/11 4th GP d'Italia, Monza Jean Behra #36  
55/oct/23 5th GP di Siracusa Harry Schell #18  
56/summer - damaged by fire & scrapped  


.. - resurrected by Egon Hofer, A (around a frame he claimed was 2510)
98/dec/02 - NS - Brooks Olympia auction
 9. - rumoured to have gone to Bernie Ecclestone, UK

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