2510 54/jun
Maserati A6GCM
Chassis #2510
Engine #.....
Color exterior -
Color interior -
2510 (2038) - This chassis number was not used on a 250/F1 chassis, only for the converted A6GCM chassis 2038 .
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Baron Emmanuel de Graffenried, CH   
54/jan/17 8th GP de la Republica Argentina,
Buenos Aires
Emmanuel de Graffenried #30  
54/jun/20 retired
GP de Belgique,
Emmanuel de Graffenried #50  
- retired or more accurately withdrawn since 2038 was being used a film car for the Kirk Douglas movie, The Racers, known in Europe as Such Men are Dangerous
54/oct/26 retired
GP d'Espaņa, Pedralbes Emmanuel de Graffenried/
Ottorino Volonterio
55 - Ottorino Volonterio
55/may/08 7th GP di Napoli, Posillipo Ottorino Volonterio #14  
55/aug/13 11th Redex Trophy, Snetterton Ottorino Volonterio #120  
55/oct/23 retired
GP di Siracusa Ottorino Volonterio #30  
56/aug/05 6th GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Ottorino Volonterio #22  
.. - Erwin Sommerhalder, CH  
.. - Walter Grell, CH
00/may/27 - S - Coys Monaco auction - $502,682 PDS
00/may/27 - ...............


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