2509 (2504) 54/jun
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2509
Engine #.....
Color exterior -
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/jun - A.G. Owen (the Owen Racing Organisation)
the entrant for British Racing Motors - BRM. It was extensively modified by BRM, using Dunlop wheels and disc brakes in place of the usual Borrani spokes and Maserati drum brakes.
54/jul/04 dnf
propeller shaft
GP de l'Automobile Club de France, Reims Ken Wharton #42  
54/jul/17 8th R.A.C. British GP, Silverstone Ken Wharton #8  
54 - When Ron Flockhart crashed Bira's 2504 while it was being tested by BRM, the damaged chassis 2504 was replaced by chassis 2509 and returned to Bira. The BRM modifications were stripped from 2509 and then transferred to 2504. Chassis 2504, now campaigning as '2509,' was repaired and used by the team until it the BRM P25 cars were ready.   
- records of Chassis 2509 in its guise as '2504':  
54/jul/25 4th GP de Caen, La Prairie B.Bira #20  
54/aug/01 dnf steering GP von Deutschland,
B.Bira #14  
54/aug/15 2nd Circuito di Pescara B.Bira    
54/oct/26 9th GP d'España, Pedralbes B.Bira #18  
55/mar/27 9th GP del Valentino, Torino B.Bira #14  
55/apr/24 6th GP de Bordeaux/
B.Bira #22  
55/may/07 3rd International Trophy, Silverstone B.Bira #8  
55 - fitted with the new riveted rear tank  
55 - Horace Gould, Bristol, UK
As 2509, it was rebodied prior to the 1957 season. In 1958, the chassis - apparently as 2504 - was rebodied with 'Piccolo' bodywork. It was later returned to Italy and then sold to a client in New Zealand.  
55/may/29 3rd GP d'Albi Horace Gould #22  
55/jun/19 acc. GP van Nederland, Zandvoort Horace Gould #32  
55/jul/16 dnf brakes British GP, Aintree Horace Gould #48  
55/jul/30 3rd London Trophy Crystal Palace,
heat 1
Horace Gould #3  
55/jul/30 dnf transmission London Trophy Crystal Palace, final Horace Gould #3  
55/aug/06 2nd Daily Record Trophy Chaterhall,
heat 2
Horace Gould #71  
55/aug/06 2nd Daily Record Trophy Chaterhall, final Horace Gould #71  
55/aug/13 dnf Redex Trophy, Snetterton Horace Gould #137  
56 - Bruce Halford, UK  
56/apr/21 acc. B.A.R.C. "200", Aintree Bruce Halford #12  
56/may/05 dns International Trophy,
Bruce Halford #21  
56/jun/23 3rd Aintree "100" Bruce Halford #9  
56/jul/14 dnf
British GP, Silverstone Bruce Halford #29  
56/aug/05 disq
outside assistance
GP von Deutschland,
Bruce Halford #21  
56/aug/26 acc. GP de Caen, La Prairie Bruce Halford    
56/sep/02 dnf
GP d'Italia, Monza Bruce Halford #48  
56/oct/14 6th B.R.S.C.C. Formula 1 Race,
Brands Hatch
Bruce Halford #7  
56 - returned to factory for rebuild  
- A new chassis was built using the old number, 2504 - although it was actually chassis 2509, and then returned to Halford  
- 58 2504/2509 was rebodied in 'Piccolo' bodywork and initially confused with chassis 2532, 2533, and 2534 as a fourth 'Piccolo' car. Several contemporary reports and others since then, recorded '2504' as the chassis Fangio used in his last race, in great part due to the new bodywork given '2504' during the re-build.  
.. - Ross Jensen  
.. - Studio Tec-Mec
.. - Johnny Mansell
.. - Rod Coppins
.. - D. H. O'Connor
.. - David Simpson
.. - William Clark
..- Leon Whitte
.. - Cameron Millar, UK
.. - Chris Mann
.. - Count Hubertus von Doenhoff, Heidelberg, D
95 - Peter Glaesel, D  
97/aug/08-10 OGP Nuerburgring Christian Glaesel #62


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