2508 (2513) 54/may
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2513
Engine #no engine
Color exterior - Red.
Color interior - Black
A 1954 customer car for built for Alfred (A.E.) Moss, Stirling's father, and actually ordered through Shell-BP in Italy. 2508 was delivered in May 1954. It was also raced by Stirling Moss even after he joined the works team at the end of the 1954 season.
Chassis 2508 had a unique pedal arrangement: rather than the typical clutch-throttle-brakes setup used in Italian monopostos, 2508 had its pedals in the order of clutch-brakes-throttle. The works used 2508 to test various experimental engines in 1954 until 2501 was ready. It was retro-fitted with the new riveted rear tank before the end of the year. In 1955, chassis 2508 was retained by the Moss family and raced by a number of drivers. 2508 was rebodied for the 1956 season. At the end of 1956, 2508 was returned to the factory and was stored temporarily. Sold in 1957 to Ross Jensen of New Zealand. The chassis was re-numbered, for obscure paperwork reasons, as '2513' at that time. It returned to the UK and renumbered, correctly, as 2508.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/may - Alfred E. Moss, GB  
54/may/09 4th GP de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Stirling Moss #7  
54/may/15 3rd International Trophy Silverstone, Heat 1 Stirling Moss #7  
54/may/15 retired
de Dion tube
International Trophy Silverstone, Final Stirling Moss #7  
- works entry  
54/jun/06 6th GP di Roma, Castel Fusano Stirling Moss #10  
54/jun/20 3rd GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Stirling Moss #22  
54/jul/04 5th GP de l'Automobile Club de France, Reims Luigi Villoresi #14  
- works entry  
54/jul/17 14th
reduction gear & fastest lap
R.A.C. British GP, Silverstone Stirling Moss #7  
54/jul/25 2nd GP de Caen, La Prairie Stirling Moss #14  
- works entry  
54/aug/01 retired
GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Stirling Moss #16  
54/aug/15 retired
oil pipe
Circuito di Pescara Stirling Moss    
- works entry  
54/aug/22 retired
oil pump
GP der Schweiz, Bremgarten Stirling Moss #32  
- works entry  
54/sep/05 10th GP d'Italia, Monza Stirling Moss #28  
- works entry  
54/sep/25 1st Goodwood Trophy, Goodwood Stirling Moss #7  
- works entry  
54/oct/02 1st Daily Telegraph Trophy, Aintree Stirling Moss #7  
- works entry  
oil scavenge
GP d'España, Pedralbes Stirling Moss #8  
- works entry  
55/apr/11 retired
fuel pump
Glover Trophy, Goodwood Stirling Moss #7  
55/apr/24 4th GP de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Stirling Moss #10  
55/may/07 retired
cylinder head
International Trophy, Silverstone Stirling Moss #7  
55/may/22 did not qualify GP de Monaco Lance Macklin #22  
55/may/29 retired
water hose
GP d'Albi Lance Macklin #6  
55/jun/19 retired
wheel bearing
GP van Nederland, Zandvoort Peter Walker #26  
55/jul/16 8th R.A.C. British GP, Aintree Lance Macklin #46  
55/jul/30 1st London Trophy Crystal Palace, Heat 1 Mike Hawthorn #7  
55/jul/30 1st London Trophy Crystal Palace, Final Mike Hawthorn #7  
55/aug/06 1st Daily Record Trophy Charterhall, Heat 2 Bob Gerard #32  
55/aug/06 1st Daily Record Trophy Charterhall, Final Bob Gerard #32  
55/aug/13 3rd Redex Trophy, Snetterton Stirling Moss #125  
55/sep/03 retired
Daily Telegraph Trophy/ Aintree Stirling Moss #7  
55/sep/11 9th GP d'Italia, Monza John Fitch #40  
56/apr/21 1st B.A.R.C. "200", Aintree Stirling Moss #7  
5. - rebodied for 1956 season  
56 - back to factory  
57 - Ross Jensen, NZ  
57 - renumbered as 2513  
.. - Johnny Mansell  
.. - Bob Eade  
.. - Alan Bateman  
.. - Peter Brewer  
.. - Alan McKechnie, GB  
.. - renumbered back to 2508  
.. - Joel E. Finn, USA  
.. - Bob Sutherland, USA  
90 - Jeffrey Pattinson, UK  
9. - Paul Osborn, UK  
98/may - Advertised by Rudy Pas in Classic & Sportscar, asking £395K  
9. - Supercars, UK, "fully documented with FIA papers", rebuilt and race prepared by Terry Hoyle  
.. - Taylor & Crawley, UK, advertised for sale in Classic & Sportscar (David Clark)  
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