2507 54/aug/..
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2507
Engine #
Color exterior - green
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/aug - after a crash at Oulton Park, it hit a tree, the damaged chassis 2507 was returned to the factory. In Modena, a new chassis was built retaining the number '2507.'
The new chassis was then returned to the UK, with the factory retaining the original chassis.
The new '2507/2' was rebodied for the 1956 season.
Chassis '2507/2' was later retired to a museum, but not before Ivor Bueb campaigned in it.
54/aug - Sid Greene - Gilby Engineering Company, GB replaced for damaged 2507  
- for Roy Salvadori  
54/sep/25 3rd Goodwood Trophy, Goodwood Roy Salvadori #10  
54/oct/02 7th Daily Telegraph Trophy, Aintree Roy Salvadori #10  
55/apr/11 1st Glover Trophy, Goodwood Roy Salvadori #10  
55/may/07 2nd International Trophy, Silverstone Roy Salvadori #4  
55/may/29 1st Curtis Trophy, Snetterton Roy Salvadori #89  
55/jul/16 retired
R.A.C. British GP/
Roy Salvadori #44  
55/jul/30 2nd London Trophy Crystal Palace, Heat 1 Roy Salvadori #9  
55/jul/30 3rd London Trophy Crystal Palace, Final Roy Salvadori #9  
55/aug/13 5th Redex Trophy, Snetterton Roy Salvadori #127  
55/sep/03 1st Daily Telegraph Trophy, Aintree Roy Salvadori #5  
55/sep/24 5th International Gold Cup, Oulton Park Roy Salvadori #16  
55/oct/01 4th Avon Trophy, Castle Combe Roy Salvadori #10  
55/oct/23 retired
fuel tank
GP di Siracusa Roy Salvadori #14  
56/apr/02 2nd Glover Trophy, Goodwood Roy Salvadori #10  
56/apr/21 retired
B.A.R.C. "200", Aintree Roy Salvadori #10  
56/jun/05 9th
International Trophy, Silverstone Roy Salvadori #15  
56/jul/14 retired
fuel system
R.A.C. British GP, Silverstone Roy Salvadori #28  
56/jul/22 1st Vanwall Trophy, Snetterton Roy Salvadori #10  
56/aug/05 retired
rear suspension
GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Roy Salvadori #16  
56/aug/26 3rd GP de Caen, La Prairie Roy Salvadori    
56/sep/02 13th GP d'Italia, Monza Roy Salvadori #44  
56/oct/14 3rd B.R.S.C.C. Formula 1 Race, Brands Hatch Roy Salvadori #8  
57/apr/22 5th Glover Trophy, Goodwood Jim Russell #8  
57/jul/20 9th R.A.C. British GP, Aintree Ivor Bueb #32  
57/sep/14 4th International Trophy Silverstone, Heat 2 Ivor Bueb #9  
57/sep/14 9th International Trophy Silverstone, Final Ivor Bueb #9  
57 - Joao de Lacerda, BR (GB)
.. - Hon. Amschel Rothschild, F
79 Lloyds & Scottish Silverstone Amschel Rothschild
82 Lloyds & Scottish Brands Hatch Amschel Rothschild #26
.. - Chris Mann, GB
.. - Robin Lodge, UK
.. - Carlo Voegele, CH
00 - Klaus Edel, Cologne, D

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