2502 (2506, 2511, 2048) 54/may
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2502
Engine #
Color exterior -
Color interior -
However, prior to the 'real' 2502 appearing, 2506 went to Argentina as 2502.
2506 carried the chassis number '2502' as a matter of convenience and to create confusion with the A6GCM, 2048, carrying the interim chassis number of '2502.'
At the end of the 1954 season, 2502 dropped from sight. It was, however, retro-fitted with the new riveted rear tank before the end of the year. It was thought to be either discarded, used as the basis for another car, or for spares to repair another chassis.
It was used, in fact, as the basis for chassis '2511'. It was obtained by Scuderia Centro Sud and retained for the 1955 through 1959 seasons. Chassis '2511' was rebodied before both the 1956 and 1957 seasons. It was sold to a customer in South America, raced using a Chevrolet engine, and has subsequently disappeared.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/may - works racer for Sergio Mantovani  
54/may/22 retired
shock absorber
GP di Bari Sergio Mantovani    
54/jun/06 3rd GP di Roma, Castel Fusano Sergio Mantovani #18  
54/jun/20 7th GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Sergio Mantovani #30  
54/jul/17 retired
oil pressure
R.A.C. British GP, Silverstone Luigi Villoresi/
Alberto Ascari
54 - renumbered as 2511  
54/aug/01 5th GP von Deutschland,
Sergio Mantovani #7  
54/sep/05 9th GP d'Italia, Monza Sergio Mantovani #18  
54/oct/02 4th Daily Telegraph Trophy, Aintree Sergio Mantovani #6  
54/oct/26 retired
brakes, accident
GP d'Espaņa, Pedralbes Sergio Mantovani #12  
55/jan/16 retired
fuel starvation
GP de la Republica Argentina, Buenos Aires Clemar Bucci &
Harry Schell &
Carlos Menditeguy
55 - Scuderia Centro Sud, I
56/apr/15 4th GP di Siracusa Luigi Villoresi #12  
56/may/06 acc. GP di Napoli, Posillipo Luigi Villoresi    
56/may/13 dns
GP de Monaco Louis Chiron #34  
56/jun/03 5th GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Luigi Villoresi #22  
56/aug/05 retired
GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Harry Schell #12  
56/aug/26 1st GP de Caen, La Prairie Harry Schell    
- works entry
56/sep/02 8th GP d'Italia, Monza Emmanuel de Graffenried #14  
57/jan/13 4th GP de la Republica Argentina, Buenos Aires Harry Schell #22  
57/jan/27 10th GP Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Harry Schell #10  
57/apr/07 retired
GP di Siracusa Hans Herrmann #34  
57/apr/22 4th GP de Pau Masten Gregory #22  
57/may/19 3rd GP de Monaco Masten Gregory #2  
57/jul/14 7th GP de Reims Masten Gregory #18  
57/aug/04 8th GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Masten Gregory #16  
57/aug/18 4th GP di Pescara Masten Gregory #6  
57/sep/08 4th GP d'Italia, Monza Masten Gregory #26  
57/sep/14 3rd International Trophy Silverstone,
Heat 1
Masten Gregory #2  
57/sep/14 5th International Trophy Silverstone,
Masten Gregory #2  
58/apr/13 retired
connecting rod
GP di Siracusa Masten Gregory #22  
58/may/03 3rd International Trophy, Silverstone Masten Gregory #3  
58/may/18 dnq GP de Monaco Gerino Gerini #48  
58/jun/15 retired
GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Masten Gregory #30  
58/jul/06 10th GP de l'Automobile Club de France, Reims Troy Ruttmann #30  
58/sep/07 acc. GP d'Italia, Monza Gerino Gerini #40  
5. - .........., South America  
.. - Ciro Cayres
.. - Nicola Papleo
.. - disappeared - missing

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