2501 53/..
Maserati 250 S Prototype with 250 F engine (on a A6 GCS/M chassis), RHD
Chassis # 2501
Engine # 2501
Color exterior - Rosso
Color interior - Tan
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - works prototype with 250 F engine based on a A6 GCS/53 or GCM chassis (probably s/n2046)  
- this is the only 200 series Maserati with a 6 cyl. engine, which is to say that it has the 250 F engine which was incredibly reliable during it's racing career. Whereas the 4 cyl. cars were notoriously difficult to keep running and together.
- Interim specification
- the car has an one-off designed chassis that carried what is essentially a 250 F Formula 1 engine and a transaxle that was later used in the 300 S series.
54 - Paris Salon Car  
54/jun/27 dnf (oil leak) II. GP Supercortemaggiore Onofre Marimon/
Juan Manuel Fangio 
#44 1000km di Monza, p18
- Marimon led the race temporalely with this 250 F powered Prototype          ( and not - as Finn wrote - in the A6 GCS "Supercortemaggiore" s/n2099 ! )  
- remained at factory  
56 - practice test mule for Mille Miglia driven by Moss/Jenkinson  
58 - rebodied and sold to unknown customer (Finn)  
8. - Giorgio Acutis, I  
88   Mille Miglia Acutis/ X #189  
9. - Giuseppe Prevosti, I  
93   Mille Miglia Prevosti/Maganza #279  
94   Mille Miglia Prevosti/Maganza #269  
95   Mille Miglia Prevosti/Maganza #278  
96   Mille Miglia Prevosti/Prevosti #322  
97   Mille Miglia Prevosti/Prevosti #290  
98   Mille Miglia Prevosti/ X #360  
99   Mille Miglia Prevosti/Prevosti #367  
2000   Mille Miglia Aghem/Conti #232  

The car needs to be documented thoroughly as to what it is:

- very conflicting stories from the various Maserati books:

1. See Italian Oddities (pgs. 239-240) : "Chassis #2501 was built in 1953 from an A6 GCM (#2046?)

2. For Robert Mieres this car was destroyed in a truck fire in transit from the French GP to the GP Rouen. Engine #2501 was then fitted into 250F #2501.

3. Finn says that only one 250 S was built. The other three were bored out 200 SI's, which look completely different. He mentioned on page 65 of his book "The Postwar Sportsracing Cars" that a 250 F engine was installed in an A6 GCS chassis.

4. According to Katherine McClure, on September the 27th 1995, she has extensive doc's on the car, including factory Bill of Sale "one complete 250 S less motor" (but in parts), Bill of Sale from Crump of the motor #2501, etc., etc.

5. See Page 248 'Italian Oddities' for the best description of the car, as current:

"This car was unnumbered as a Prototype. Apparently "discovered" in Italy in 1980's without engine or other parts. Assigned number (with Maserati's blessing?) #2501s"

6. See Orsini/Zagari book, pages 216-218, 243 for a discussion of this car.

7. The car is supposed to have good documentation with it, including letters from the factory attesting that it has it's original body, chassis and engine. Extremely rare for a race car of this stature. The car has it's European Homologation Papers. The only parts known not to be original to the car are the steering wheel, instruments and wheels.

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