2501 (2523, 2504, 2524, 2526, 2046) 54
Maserati 250F GP
Chassis #2501
Engine #
Color exterior -
Color interior -
The chassis to bear 2501 was apparently built-up in October 1954 for the Paris Auto Salon, after chassis 2512 was completed.
It was assigned the out-of-sequence chassis number of 2501 and served on the works team until 1957.
It is possible that the 250F with the chassis number '2501' originally was heavily damaged as a result of a crash during testing at Modena in December 1953 - there was a collision with another car on the track. The damage was fairly extensive and so either the chassis was scrapped or simply put off to the side until later on, which turned out to be after the Italian GP. It first appeared with the new riveted fuel tank and new bodywork without the louvres of the earlier cars.
The chassis number '2501' was originally used for 'A6GCM/250' 2046. As related earlier, that chassis was effectively written off as a result of the road accident following the French Grand Prix at Reims.
The use of chassis 2501 was primarily for component testing and experimental work by the factory team, such as fuel injection, engine ducting, and so on.
Chassis 2501 was later renumbered as one of three, count 'em, three, chassis to carry the number '2523'.
Also entered as '2526' for one race in 1957 and 2524 as 2501 in another race the same season.
2501 was rebodied in mid-1956.
In 1958, 2501 became the third chassis to use the number 2523! It was the chassis used by de Filippis, not the V-12 2523 as formerly assumed, 2522.
In 1960, 2501 was rebodied with the bodywork from 2509/2504 and renumbered as 2504 and sent to a customer in New Zealand - from whence it returned only to be renumbered as '2523' for historic racing.
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/oct - Paris Auto Salon car  
54 - works racer  
54/oct/26 6th GP d'Espaņa, Pedralbes Francisco Godia-Sales #16  
55/jan/16 7th GP de la Republica Argentina, 
Buenos Aires
Luigi Musso/
Sergio Mantovani/
Harry Schell
55/mar/27 retired
oil pipe
GP del Valentino, Torino Luigi Musso #34  
55/apr/11 retired
GP de Pau Luigi Musso #18  
55/apr/24 2nd GP de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Luigi Musso #18  
55/may/08 2nd GP di Napoli, Posillipo Luigi Musso #16  
55/may/22 retired
GP de Monaco Luigi Musso #38  
55/jun/05 7th GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Luigi Musso #22  
55/jun/19 3rd GP van Nederland, Zandvoort Luigi Musso #18  
55/jul/16 5th R.A.C. British GP, Aintree Luigi Musso #4  
55/sep/11 retired
GP d'Italia, Monza Luigi Musso #30  
55/sep/24 8th International Gold Cup, Oulton Park Luigi Musso #5  
55/oct/23 2nd GP di Siracusa Luigi Musso #12  
56/jan/22 retired
GP de la Republica Argentina, Buenos Aires Carlos Menditeguy #6  
56/feb/05 4th GP Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Mendoza Carlos Menditeguy #6  
56/apr/15 retired
oil pipe
GP di Siracusa Jean Behra #30  
GP di Napoli, Posillipo Francisco Godia-Sales    
- Scuderia Centro Sud entry
56/may/13 8th GP de Monaco Cesare Perdisa #32  
56/jun/03 retired
lost wheel
GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Stirling Moss #30  
56/mid - rebodied
56/jul/01 retired
gear lever
GP de l'Automobile Club de France, Reims Stirling Moss #2  
56/jul/14 7th R.A.C. British GP, Silverstone Cesare Perdisa #9  
56/aug/05 2nd GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Stirling Moss #7  
56/sep/02 retired
  Luigi Villoresi/Joakim Bonnier #34  
57/jan/13 3rd GP de la Republica Argentina, Buenos Aires Carlos Menditeguy #8  
57/jan/27 5th GP Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Carlos Menditeguy #8  
57/apr/07 retired
front brake
GP di Siracusa Harry Schell #24  
57/may/19 retired
oil pressure
GP de Monaco Giorgio Scarlatti/   Harry Schell #34  
57/jul/07 retired
GP de l'Automobile Club de France, Rouen-les-Essarts Carlos Menditeguy #8  
57/jul/14 2nd GP de Reims Jean Behra #12  
57/jul/20 retired
R.A.C. British GP, Aintree Carlos Menditeguy #8  
57/aug/04 10th GP von Deutschland, Nuerburgring Girogio Scarlatti #4  
57/aug/18 6th GP di Pescara Giorgio Scarlatti #8  
57/sep/08 5th GP d'Italia/
Giorgio Scarlatti
& Harry Schell
57/sep/22 5th GP di Modena, Heat 1 Giorgio Scarlatti #8  
57/sep/22 5th GP di Modena, Heat 2 Giorgio Scarlatti #8  
57/sep/22 5th GP di Modena, Overall Giorgio Scarlatti #8  
57/oct/27 7th GP du Maroc, Ain Diab Giorgio Scarlatti #12  
Note: entered as chassis 2526
58 - renumbered as 2523  
58 - Maria Teresa de Filippis, I  
58/jun/15 11th GP de Belgique, Spa-Francorchamps Maria-Teresa de Filippis #26  
58/aug/24 dns GP Automovel de Portugal, Oporto Maria-Teresa de Filippis #30T  
- Scuderia Centro Sud entry
58/sep/07 retired
connecting rod
GP d'Italia, Monza Maria-Teresa de Filippis #42  
59/may/02 retired
International Trophy, Silverstone Maria-Teresa de Filippis #14  
- Scuderia Ugolini entry
10th GP de l'Automobile Club de France, Reims Carel de Beaufort #42  
- Scuderia Ugolini entry
60 - rebodied with the bodywork from 2509/2504 and renumbered as 2504 
60 - Ross Jensen, NZ
6. - Bruce Prescott
.. - Leon Witte
.. - Cameron Millar, GB
.. - renumbered back to 2523  
.. - Chris Mann, GB
.. - Keith Duly
.. - Chris Drake, GB
.. - Don Young
.. - Peter Giddings, CA, USA
96 - Dieter Streve-Muelhens, Koenigswinter, D
.. - engine 2522 installed
97/aug/08-10 OGP Nuerburgring Streve-Muehlens #63
01 - offered by Martin Stretton, UK


57/jan/27 5th GP Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
Buenos Aires
Carlos Menditeguy #8  
- in this race, 2524 was entered as 2501

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