2458 60/feb/17
Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage, RHD
Chassis # 2458
Engine # 2458
Color exterior - White with blue central stripe
Color interior - white/blue
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/feb/17 - Lloyd "Lucky" Casner, Miami, FL, USA - "Camoradi"-Team Bollée "Lucky"  p31-34
60/feb/27 1st GP Cuba Stirling Moss #7  Crump p215        AR p160, 174 Maserati Days p142             Orsini & Zagari p808          Bollée Birdcage p63
60/mar/26 dnf
12h Sebring Stirling Moss/          Dan Gurney #23  Bollée Birdcage p66, 70-73        Finn TPSC p116
60/apr/03 1st OA USAC Examiner GP, Riverside Carroll Shelby #98 Bollée Birdcage p93, 94
60/apr - Jim Hall, Dallas, TX, USA  
60/apr/30 1st OA SCCA Longview prelim Jim Hall #70
60/apr/30 1st OA SCCA Longview main Jim Hall #70 Bollée Birdcage p96
60/may/07 1st OA SCCA Continental Divide Raceway, Denver, prelim Jim Hall #77
60/may/08 dnf SCCA Continental Divide Raceway, Denver main Jim Hall #77
60may - Dick Hall, Dallas, TX, USA  
60/jun/25 1st OA SCCA Continental Divide Raceway, Denver, heat 1 Bob Schroeder #77
60/jun/26 9th OA USAC Continental Divide Raceway, Denver, International Bob Schroeder #77
60/jul/31 7th OA USAC Road America 200, Elkhart Lake Bob Schroeder #77
61/apr/08 1st OA SCCA Hondo prelim Bob Schroeder #49
61/apr/09 3rd OA SCCA Hondo, Carrera del Alamo Bob Schroeder #49 Bollée Birdcage p168             Finn Birdcage p153
61/apr/30 1st OA SCCA Hammond prelim Bob Schroeder #74
61/apr/30 1st OA SCCA Hammond, Louisiana GP Bob Schroeder #74
61/may/06 dns SCCA Mansfield prelim Bob Schroeder #77
61/may/07 dnf SCCA Mansfield main Bob Schroeder #77
61/may/27 2nd OA SCCA La Junta prelim Bob Schroeder
61/may/28 dnf SCCA La Junta main Bob Schroeder
61/jun/18 3rd OA SCCA Road America, June Sprints Bob Schroeder #76 Finn Birdcage p157
61/jul/01 dns SCCA Galveston prelim Bob Schroeder
61 - repainted red with yellow nose
61/oct/15 dnf (engine) USAC Times GP, Riverside Bob Schroeder #77
61 - engine replaced with engine s/n 2467  
61/oct/29 dnf SCCA Muskogee, Oklahoma GP Bob Schroeder  
61/dec/10 dnf Nassau Trophy Bob Schroeder #78 Finn Birdcage p161
61/end - scheduled for refurbishment, stored for many years  
..- Stephen Griswold, Berkeley, CA, USA  
- restored by Griswold  
80 - offered for sale  
..- Don Orosco, USA  
90/aug/11 - S - Coys Nuerburgring auction - DM 3,3mio incl. buyer's prem
92/apr - Lindsay Owen-Jones, UK via Coys  "YSK 661"
9. - restored by Crosthwaite & Gardner, UK Volante No.18
- painted red
00 - Chris Drake, UK
00 - Jonathan Feiber, Atherton, CA, USA
- repainted white with blue stripe
01/aug/18-19 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jon Feiber #7



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