2431 57/dec/31   *** 1st of 2***
Maserati 250 S Fantuzzi, RHD
Chassis # 2431
Engine # 2431
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58/jan - Carroll Shelby's Sports Cars Inc., Galveston, TX, USA (together with 2432)  
58/jan/18-19 dnf Eagle Mountain, Ft. Worth, race 4 Carroll Shelby
58/jan/18-19 1st OA Mansfield, race 4 Jim Hall #69 or 2432 ?
58/jan/18-19 3rd OA 1st IC Mansfield, race 7 Jim Hall #69 or 2432 ?
58/apr/20 1st OA Galveston Jim Hall #68
58/jun/07-08 1st OA Eagle Mountain Jim Hall #67
58/mid - Bob Aylward, Wichita, KS, USA  
58/aug/30-31 2nd OA Mansfield Bobby Aylward #121
58/sep/20-21 2nd OA Golden Day Races, Galveston Bobby Aylward
58/sep/20-21 2nd OA Golden Day Races, Galveston Bobby Aylward
59/apr/18-19 2nd OA Inaugural Race, Stuttgart, race 4 Bobby Aylward #121
59/apr/18-19 1st OA Inaugural Race, Stuttgart, race 6 Bobby Aylward #121
59/may/23-24 SCCA Vichy, St. Louis  Bobby Aylward #91
59/jul/04-05 2nd OA Lake Garnett GP, Inaugural race Bobby Aylward #121
59/jul/11-12 5th OA Buckley Field Races, race 7 Bobby Aylward #112
59/oct/03-04 2nd OA Independent Races, Kansas City Bobby Aylward
59/nov/07-08 Petit GP, Oklahoma Bobby Aylward
60/jul/02-04 2nd OA Lake Garnett GP Bobby Aylward #121
6. - Chevy V8 engine installed
62/jul/07-08 dnf Lake Garnett GP Bobby Aylward #121
6. - ............, AZ, USA
77 - undergoing restoration in Peter Magnusson's shop, Limerock, CT, USA
78/jan - offered by Rudy Pas' Italian Classic Sports & Racing Cars, Rijsbergen, NL
78 - Peter Kaus, Frankfurt, D 
87 - displayed at Rosso Bianco Collection, Aschaffenburg, D
06/mar - complete Rosso Bianco Collection sold to Evert Louwman, NL 
07/feb/15 - Dr. Wolf Zweifler, Munich, D
07/feb - undergoing restoration by GPS Classic, Soragna, I
07 - new replica 250 S engine installed
07/aug - Anton Bilton, London, UK "414 XUL"
08 - repainted dark blue with two red central stripes
08/apr/20-22 Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este Anton Bilton
08/may/15-18 257th OA Mille Miglia Anton Bilton/          Bilton #375
08/jul/11-13 4th Le Mans Classic Anton Bilton/   Tommaso Gelmini #10
09/may dnf Mille Miglia Anton Bilton/          Bilton #375
09/may/17 - S - RM's Ferrari Leggenda e Passione Maranello auction - €1,35mio incl. buyer's prem.
"An original gearbox and original Maserati 2.5 litre engine #2435 will also be included in the sale. These items were with the car during its long period in the Rosso Bianco Collection but never fully restored. According to the factory build sheet, engine #2435 was built and supplied in period to former Englishman F1 driver John Brian Naylor who raced a Maserati straight 4 powered JBW during 1959 and 1960 F1 seasons. This engine, which is currently being fully rebuilt to correct Maserati 250S specifications, will be also supplied with the car shortly after the auction."
09/jul - Dr. Darius Ahrabian, Munich, D



Engine #2431 was found to be in #1674, a Maserati 150S. This engine shows two numbers: # 2409, a number belonging to a 200S which was converted to 2489 cc specification and used as a test bed for the 2.5 litre engine and #2431. Car #2409 subsequently received a 2 litre engine and was sold in  1957, while engine #2409 was overstamped with #2431 and put into the car bearing the same chassis number, this being the standard procedure of Maserati in those days: refreshing used parts (or even cars) and selling them as new to the colonies.

The originality and the described succession of the stamping was confirmed by noted Maserati expert Dr. Adolfo Orsi, son of the former owner of Maserati.




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