2427 57/aug/29
Maserati 200 SI Fantuzzi, RHD

Chassis # 2427
Engine # 2427
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57/may/29 - ordered by Maserati Corporation of America, USA
57 - John Fitch, USA (but paid by Vincent Andrus)  
57/sep/21 4th OA 1st IC Queen Catharine Cup, Watkins Glen John Fitch #8
57/sep/29 5th OA 1st IC National Championship Races, Bridgehampton, race 7 John Fitch #8
57 - repainted white/blue
57/dec/06 2nd OA 1st IC 5 Lap Governor's Trophy, prelim, Nassau John Fitch #12
57/dec/06 dnf 15 Lap Governor's Trophy, race, Nassau John Fitch #12
57/dec/08 3rd OA 1st IC 20 Lap Nassau Trophy John Fitch #12
58/apr/27 2nd OA 2nd IC Limerock Park race John Fitch #8
58/jun/15 3rd OA 1st IC National Championship Sports Car Races, Limerock Park, race 8 John Fitch #8
58/jul/05 3rd OA 1st IC National Championship Sports Car Races, Limerock Park, race 7 John Fitch #8
58/sep/28 - offered by Carroll Shelby Sports Cars Inc., Dallas, TX, USA in MotoRacing, asking $7.795.-
58 - John J. Packo, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA - repainted red
59/mar/07 4th IC Boca Raton, race 1 John Packo #34E
59/mar/08 3rd OA Boca Raton, race 2 John Packo #34E
59/jun - offered in SCCA magazine:

"MASERATI 200 SI: 2-liter, latest model #2427, ex-John Fitch car. This car is new, only five sprint races; fastest 2-liter in the country. Concours condition; ready to race. Beautiful Italian red. Many extras - trailer included. Highest offer, must sell. Call J. J. Packo, Logan 4-2394, Fort Lauderdale, Fla."

60/feb/28 dnf GP Libertad, Cuba Dan Gurney #15  
60 - Arch M. Means, USA via Bill Rudd
60/apr/03 9th OA 3rd IC Pensacola, race 5 Archie Means #200
60/apr/16 6th OA 3rd IC National Sports Car Races, Marlboro, race 7 Archie Means #200
60/may/14 6th IA Cumberland, prelim Archie Means #200
60/may/15 6th OA 2nd IC Cumberland, main Archie Means #200
60/may/28 1st OA Lake Erie Invitational Race, Dunkirk Archie Means
60/sep/24 14th OA 7th IC Watkins Glen Archie Means #200
61/may/11 Cumberland Archie Means #200
61/may/12 3rd IC Cumberland Archie Means #200
61 - Jack Brewer, Elmira, NY, USA
61/sep/22 dnf Watkins Glen Jack Brewer #5
62/may/13 dnf Cumberland Thomas A. Brewer #115
62/jun/30 16th IC Limerock Park Jack Brewer #5
62 - offered in R&T:

"1960 MASERATI 2-liter, Last 200 SI built by factory. Very few racing miles, just completely checked by factory. New rings, bearings, etc. Perfect cond. $3.900.-. Jack Brewer, 915 E. MArket St., Elmira, N. Y., RE 4-6503 or RE 4-1505"

6. - Carl Bross, Detroit, MI, USA
71 - Anthony Bamford, Staffordshire, GB - after Bross' death
78/jul/03 - Raymond Fielding, UK Orsini & Zagari p641            "NSC 483"
78 Donington Park Raymond Fielding
92 - after Raymond Fielding's death in 1992 car remained in the ownership of the Fielding family. It was exhibited at the Earl of Moray's Doune Motor Museum on permanent loan
98/nov/30 - Doune Motor Museum closed
07/jul - Anton Bilton, London, UK via Gregor Fisken "NSC 483"
07/jul-08/may - completely restored by GPS Classic, Soragna, I & Quality Cars, Padova, I - repainted dark red
08/may/15-18 Mille Miglia Laurence Bilton/ Edward Chelsea #374
08/jul - Dr. Wolf Zweifler, Munich, D
09/may/14-17 Mille Miglia Wolfi Zweifler/ Amon Joachim #374



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