2401 55 (56/apr/26 - official certificate of origin)
Maserati 200 S Prototype, RHD
Chassis # 2401
Engine # 2401
Color exterior - Dark red
Color interior - Red
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - works racer with 150 S-type bodywork  
55/jun/08 dnf GP Napoli Luigi Bellucci Orsini p642
55/jun/19 acc. Imola Sportscar GP Franco Bordoni Orsini p642
55/oct/16 acc. Targa Florio Giovanni Bracco /  Franco Bordoni #90 Orsini p642
55/winter - 56 - tested by Giuseppe Musso & Luigi Bellucci Orsini p643
56/apr/26 - body, engine & suspension updated Orsini p643, 644
56/mar/19 1st OA Trofeo Vigorelli Giuseppe Musso
56/apr/08 acc. Giro di Sicilia Giuseppe Musso did not start
not on entry list
56/apr/29 dnf Mille Miglia Luigi Bellucci #525 Motorsport 56 p356           Orsini p643, 644
56/may - body modified with long nose, rigid rear axle & oil tank in passenger compartment
56/may Monza tests Cesare Perdisa
56/jun/05 1st OA GP Napoli Luigi Bellucci
56/jun/17 8th OA Circuito di Caserta Luigi Bellucci
56/jun/24 dns (acc. in practice) GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Giuseppe Farina #1
56 - repaired at factory, modified with De Dion rear axle 
56/jul/22 1st OA GP Bari Jean Behra #2
56/aug/01 3rd OA 99miles race Nuerburgring Stirling Moss #32 no such race
56/aug/05 2nd OA
Rheinland-Pfalz Preis,  Nürburgring Stirling Moss #32  
56/aug/17 2nd OA GP Pescara Piero Taruffi #66
56/oct/21 acc. GP Roma Luigi Villoresi #56
56/oct - body further modified with second door etc.
56/nov/04 3rd OA 1st IC GP Caracas Jean Behra #10 Orsini p644
56 - Ettore Chimeri, VEN
57/feb/24 dnf (engine) GP Cuba Stirling Moss #28 Orsini p644
57 - Felipe Gutierrrez, VEN - repainted white with 2 stripes
57/nov/03 19th OA GP Caracas Gonzales/              Felipe Gutierrez #52
57 - Renny Ottolina, Caracas, VEN - repainted blue
60/feb/28 dnf GP Cuba Freddie Brandt #28
63 - Joel E. Finn, Phoenix, AZ, USA
63 - Jim Hall, Dallas, TX, USA
65 - F. M. Brundick III., Jacksonville, FL, USA - repainted red with yellow stripe
66 - Chris Drake, London, GB   
79 - offered by Chris Drake in Motorsport p1406
79 - Nobuo Harada, J - paid PDS 28,000.-
8. - displayed in Kawaguchiko Motor Museum
01/aug/19 - S - RM Monterey auction - $605,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
01/aug/19 - Dr. Wolf Zweifler, Munich, D
01 - currently undergoing restoration by Steve Hart
02/sep/20-22 1st Le Mans Classic Wolfi Zweifler
03/may Mille Miglia Wolfi Zweifler #329
04/may Mille Miglia Wolfi Zweifler/       Michael Foeveny #
04/aug OGP Nuerburgring Wolfi Zweifler #
04 2nd Le Mans Classic Wolfi Zweifler #
06/aug/11-13 1st OA OGP Nuerburgring, race 6 Wolfi Zweifler/        Bernd Hahne #19
0. - F..... P........, AUS via Mark Ketcham
08/aug Pebble Beach Concours
09 - Tony Schwartz, Calabasas, CA, USA "MASER (CO)"
09 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge USA, Sears Point Tony Schwartz #32
10/mar/12-14 Concours d'Elegance, Amelia Island Tony Schwartz
10/aug/15 - S - Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach auction - $2,64mio incl. buyer's prem.
10/aug/15 - ..............., CDN




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