2078 54/mar/12
Maserati A6 GCS/53
Chassis # 2078
Engine # 2078
Color exterior - red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - works racer for Luigi Musso  
54/apr/04 4th OA 1st IC Giro di Sicilia Musso/Donatelli #40  
54/may/02 2nd IC 3rd OA Mille Miglia Musso/Zocca #500 La Sport p38
54/may/16 1st GP Napoli Luigi Musso    
54/may/30 2nd OA 1st IC Targa Florio Luigi Musso #60
54/jun/20 3rd OA 1st IC GP Imola Luigi Musso       
54/jul/13 1st OA Circuito di Caserta Luigi Musso
54/jul/24-25 disq. 10h of Messina L. Musso/G. Musso    
54/aug/01 1st IC 3rd OA Giro delle Calabrie Luigi Musso    
54/aug/08 1st OA Circuit Senigallia Luigi Musso  
54/sep/11 1st IC 3rd OA TT Dundrod Musso/Mantovani #57   
54 - Italian Champion in 2000cc sportscar class
55/feb/23 - Ricardo Grandio, ARG - painted black/white  
55/jan/23 3rd OA 1st IC 1000km Buenos Aires Jose Faraoni/Ricardo Grandio #30
55/mar/13 dnf Autodromo di Buenos Aires Ricardo Grandio
55/apr/14 3rd Autodromo di Buenos Aires
55/jul/10 5th Autodromo di Buenos Aires
55/aug/14 dnf Circuito El Bosque-La Plata
55/aug/28 4th Circuito El Bosque-La Plata
55/dec/04 3rd Kilometro Lanzado-Autopista Ezeiza
56/jan/29 dnf 1000km Buenos Aires Ricardo Grandio/Alberto Rodriguez-Larretta #23
56/jun/17 3rd 500 Millas de Rafaela
56/jul/26 dnf Premio Invierno Aut.-Buenos Aires
58/jan/27 11th OA 1000km Buenos Aires Carlos & Julio Guimarey
.. - Alberto Gomez, Buenos Aires, ARG
.. - Guillermo Vago, ARG
.. - Jorge Macome, ARG
- used for racing in the street and rallies
72 - sold back to Guillermo Vago, ARG
7. - Lucio M. Bollaert, Buenos Aires, ARG "B926342"
83/mid - offered for sale by Bollaert
84 - Paolo Dabbeni, Brescia, I - $65,000  
86  dnf Mille Miglia Dabbeni/Dabbeni #211  
8. - Gianni Vitali, I
- completely restored
87   Mille Miglia Vitali/Arborini #173  
88   Mille Miglia Vitali/Arborini #202  
89 Mille Miglia Vitali/Arborini #183
90 Mille Miglia Vitali/Arborini #208
91   Mille Miglia Vitali/Arborini #209  
92   Mille Miglia Vitali/Arborini #240  
95   Mille Miglia Vitali/Vincenzi #264  
98/feb/27 - Dean Meiling, CA, USA via David Watson & Adolpho Orsi  
98 Colorado Grand Dean Meiling/John Stimm #25
98 - detailed by Thomas Vintage Motors, Boulder, CO, USA
- fitted with removable roll bar
00/aug/18   Monterey Historic Races Dean Meiling #500  
01/aug/18-19 Monterey Historic Races Dean Meiling #500


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