2057 54/jan/12
Maserati A6 GCS PF Berlinetta low roof line, LHD
Chassis # 2057
Engine # ....
Color exterior - two tone blue
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Turin show car  
54 - Guglielmo Dei, Roma for Pietro Palmieri, Roma, I  
- low roof, split front screen, round tail without fins  
54/may/01 dnf Mille Miglia Pietro Palmieri #518
54   Giro di Umbria Pietro Palmieri    
- Palmieri found the noise & heat unbearable and so he had the body replaced with Fantuzzi barchetta bodywork
55  - renumbered 2086 after bodywork modifications  


- the original coupe bodywork stayed with Mimmo Dei when he moved north to Monza to run the Scuderia Centro Sud and a racing school  
60's late - Scuderia Centro Sud went broke  
6. - coupe body sold to Corrado Cupellini, Bergamo, I  
77 - coupe bodywork to Franco Lombardi, I (still painted blue)  
- restoration based on chassis 2070, at Giordenengo, Cuneo, I  
- 9.'s two "low roof" replicas built by Giordanengo (one in Belgium now) CaS 5/99 p99


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