2056 53/dec/18
Maserati A6 GCS PF Coupe, LHD
Chassis # 2056
Engine # 2056
Color exterior - red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Conte Paolo Gravina di Catania via Guglielmo Dei  
54 crashed
fa co-driver
Giro di Sicilia Conte Paolo Gravina/    
54 - send back to Modena for repair, left at the factory  
91 - restored at Carrozzeria Campana with a new front  
94 - displayed at Genoa Autostory  
11/96 - 2056 was announced for the Brooks Olympia Sale (together with the ex-works collection) but a private Italian syndicate had halted the auction and so Umberto Panini, Modena bought the whole collection including s/n2056 !  

96/nov/19 the cars went back to Modena

CaS 1/97
96 - Umberto Panini, Modena, I

`98 the ex-works collection is displayed near Modena at Panini estate



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