2040 53/may/06
Maserati A6 GCS Series II, Fantuzzi Spyder LHD
Chassis # 2040
Engine # 2040
Color exterior - red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Emilio Giletti, Biella, I  
53/apr/26 6th OA 1st IC  Mille Miglia Emilio Giletti/  Guerino Bertocchi #525 Maserati Days p79 Orsini & Zagari, p535, 563
- grille with 23 vertical braces & panorama wind screen  
53/apr/29 - displayed at the Torino Salon Orsini & Zagari, p580
53/may/14 2nd OA
1st IC 
Targa Florio Giletti #32 Maserati Days p80
53/jun/21 3rd Circuit di Caserta Giletti    
53/jun/29 dnf VI. GP dell'Autodromo Monza Giletti #38 1000km di Monza p9, 10
- still with the same grille & panorama windscreen  
53/aug/30 dnf
1000km Nuerburgring Giletti/
53/sep/6 8th I. GP Supercortemaggiore Merano Giletti #58  
53/oct/18 4th Coppa d'Oro di Sicilia Giletti    
54/jan/24 6th OA 3rd IC  1000km Buenos Aires Giletti/
54/may/05 - Benoit Musy, Fribourg, CH  
54/may/23 1st Spa Sport Musy    
54 1st Aquila Musy    
54 1st Megève Musy    
54 2nd Senigallia heat 1 Musy    
54 2nd Senigallia heat 2 Musy    
54/jun/6 1st GP des Frontières, Chimay Musy    
54/jul/25 2nd  Zandvoort Musy    
54/aug/21 2nd  Prix de Berne, Bremgarten Musy #82 GP Suisse, p444, 445
- reg.: "211946 MI", car has a white nose band  
- apparently with new grille: three horizontal braces & trident   
54 1st Monthlery Musy    
54 2nd Kandersteg hill climb Musy    
- setting track record  
55 - Pietro Pagliarini, I  
55/may/01 29th Mille Miglia Pietro Pagliarini #638  
56/may/29 dnf Mille Miglia Pierto Pagliarini #523  
57/may/28 - Giuseppe Bocchi, Libello, I  
59/may/25 - Carla Nocchia, I  
61/sep/22 - Alberton Albertini, Castelnuovo Monti, I  
6. - imported to the US  
.. - body modified, Ford Cobra engine fitted  
89 - found in Oakland scrapyard, disastrous condition  
89 - Bruce Vanyo, CA, USA  
91-93 - restored by Nino Epifani, USA  
93 - Bud Bronstein, CA, USA  
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