1660 56/jan/14
Maserati 150 S, RHD
Chassis #1660
Engine #
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - Alejandro De Tomaso, ARG  
56/jan/29 4th OA
1st IC
1000km Buenos Aires  Alejandro De Tomaso/ Tomasi #4  
56/mar/24 dnf
(gearshift linkage)
12h Sebring Isabell Haskell/ Alejandro De Tomaso #48  
56/apr/28 dnf Mille Miglia Alejandro De Tomaso #434  
56/may/27 dnf 1000km Nuerburgring Alejandro De Tomaso/ Tomasi #38  
56 - Claude Bourillot, F
56/jul/29 9th OA
2nd IC
24h Le Mans Claude Bourillot/
Henri Perroud
#30 Maserati
24 Heures Du Mans,
Michel Bollee, P 30-1
5. - re-numbered to 2411 and upgraded to 250S-specs
56/Apr/29 146th OA Mille Miglia Berger/
56/May/20 dnf GP Frontieres Berger #30  
 56/Jun/10 dnf 1000 Km Paris Berger/
#49 unconfirmed
 56/Jun/29 dnf 12 Hrs Rheims Berger #36  
56/Jul/08 no result GP Rouen Berger #?  
 56/Jul/29     9th OA 24h Le Mans Bourillot/
 56/Aug/05     no result Rheinland/Nürburgring Berger #38  
 56/Sep/30 9th OA Coppa „Shell“ Imola Berger #?  
57/May/12   79th OA Mille Miglia Berger/
 57/May/26     dnf 1000 km Nürburgring Berger #28  
57/Aug/25   dnf acc. GP du RACB (Spa) Berger/




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