1657 55/aug/22
Maserati 150 S Spyder RHD
200 S Prototype
Chassis #1657
Engine #1657
Delivered new together with 2.0 litre engine #2400
Color exterior - Red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Briggs S. Cunningham, West Palm Beach, FL, USA  
55 - delivered together with spare 2.0-liter engine #2400 to Cunningham  
55/oct/16 5th OA
1st IC (EM)
President's Cup, Hagerstown, Fairchield AFB Briggs Cunningham #58
56/mar/24 dnf (transm.) 12h Sebring Bill Lloyd/
Karl Brocken
56 - 1.5-liter engine removed by Cunningham and put in a Lotus; instead 2.0-liter engine #2400 installed - 200S specs  
56 - William M. Wonder, Glen Cove, NY, USA - flight engineer and famous race car preparer  
57/may/19 12th IC (EM) SCCA National Cumberland Bill Wonder #200
57/jun/09 6th IC (EM) SCCA National Lime Rock Bill Wonder #76
57/jun/29 dnf 1h Thompson Bill Wonder #98
57/jul/07 4th IC (EM) SCCA Regional Lime Rock Bill Wonder #98
57/aug/18 dnf SCCA National Montgomery Bill Wonder #98
57/sep/21 dns SCCA National Watkins Glen Bill Wonder #98
57/oct/20   SCCA Regional Thompson Bill Wonder #98
57/nov/10   LISCA Lime Rock Bill Wonder  
.. - Richard Dicker, Scarsdale, NY, USA
6. - Tipo 63, 2.9-liter V12 engine s/n 63.002 installed modified with propane gas injection; this engine came from the Tipo 63 Birdcage owned then by Richie Clyne, USA

As mentioned in Trident from 1977:

Richard Dicker in Scarsdale has a 150S No 1657 originally owned by Briggs Cunningham and converted by him to 2 litre, and later raced by Bill Wonder. Dicker purchased the car after it had been bashed in a road accident, stripped out all the mechanicals and left it ever since to lay outside exposed to the elements. The reason he bought the car was a source of spare parts for his other Maserati, a 200SI No 2402, though you'd never tell that's what it is at first glance. More correctly it should be classified as a Maserati hot rod, now sporting a 3 litre Tipo 63 V12 engine and the most amazing cockpit full of gauges and gadgets ever stuffed into a car. It's absolutely mind boggling what he's done and must be the all-time winner of the electricians' nightmare award.
9. - discovered by Mark J. Smith of Old Philadelphia Motor Car Corp., Ft. Washington, PA, USA in incredible original condition  
9. - Corrado Cuppelini, Bergamo, I via Keith Duly - paid $80k  
9. - Nick Harley, London, UK (F)  
9. - back to Cuppelini for $150k  
95/may/24 - NS - Brooks Monaco auction - highbid PDS 65,000.- CaS 8/95 p24
9. - Guido Artom, Milano, I with the intention to take the engine out of and to put it into his 1963 Birdcage s/n 63.002  
96/jan - Duly has found the original engine, owned by Joel E. Finn  
9. - .............., D
98 - undergoing restoration by Mario Linke, Koeln, D  
.. - Dr. Juergen Boden, A - alias "Adrian Kraft"
04/aug/06-08 7th OA OGP Nuerburgring, race 6 Juergen Boden/
Max Werner
07/jul/07-08   Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Le Mans Adrian Kraft #410
07/aug/10-12   OGP Nuerburgring Adrian Kraft #21
08/jul/11-13   Le Mans Classic, Grid 2 Adrian Kraft #16
09/aug/08-09   OGP Nuerburgring Adrian Kraft #21
09/sep/08   Modena Motorsport Trackdays, Nuerburgring Adrian Kraft  
10/jul/10-11   Le Mans Classic, Grid 2 Adrian Kraft #28
10/aug/13-15 3rd OGP Nuerburgring, 2-seater & GT up to 1960/61 race Adrian Kraft #21
12/jul/06-08   Le Mans Classic, Grid 2 Adrian Kraft #62
13/feb/06-10 - offered by Franco Meiners' Tradex Srl. at Retromobile, Paris, F  
13/apr/10-13 - displayed at Techno Classica, Essen, D  
13 - Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, Starnberg, D
13/aug/09-13   OGP Nuerburgring, race 4 Dr. Ulrich Schumacher #36
13 - Dr. Michael Willms, Kuesnacht, CH  
13/dec/03-08 1st OA Bahamas Speed Week Revival, Nassau, Vintage race Michael Willms #4
14/may/09-11 4th OA GP Historique Monaco, Grid C Michael Willms #42
14/aug/22-24   Passione Engadina, St. Moritz Michael Willms/
Daniela Seidensticker
17/dec - Stanley D. Ross, Columbus, Ohio
18/sep  Stanley D. Ross  


Probably the most original 150 S in existence and originally delivered with the 2.0-liter 200 S Prototype engine #2400 which was installed in 1956

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