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360 Modena in GT Racing

Monza, April 16, 2000

Racing in the N-GT Category
Michelotto of Padova have prepared three 360 Modena for racing in the N-GT category of the FIA GT World Championship. They are basically 360 Challenge cars, it is unknown at present whether they sport additional modifications compared to the examples competing in the Ferrari Challenge.

The French team "JMB Competition" of Jean-Michel Bouresche, too, prepared a 360 Modena for GT-racing, and they presented their car in Paris on April 11th.

The recent FIA GT race at Monza was the first outing of the cars. Former F1-pilot Loris Kessel and his teammates Andrea Garbagnati and Paolo Ligresti achieved the best result among the Ferrari entered in the event: Their 360 Challenge became 15th OA and 7th in class. The above mentioned car of JMB Competition ended up on 17th; drivers were Batti Pregliasco and Marco Lambertini. Former Ferrari Formula One pilot Ivan Capelli had teamed-up with Eric Prinoth in the 360 Modena entered by the Supertech team. They became 18th OA.

Bad start for the 550 Millennio
Swiss team First Racing with drivers Fabien Giroix and Jean-Dénis Déletraz entered a 550 Millennio – www.Barchetta.cc reported earlier on this project. After the car suffered a broken gearbox in qualifying, the team worked hard to fix the damage in time for the race. But after just nine laps it had to retire from the race.

Andreas Birner
Monza FIA GT 500 km
Pos Driver Auto Time #r
1 H. Hezemans Chrysler Viper GTS 1'58.250  
12 D. Giroix Ferrari 550 Maranello 2'04.251  
28 L. Pregliasco Ferrari 360 Modena 2'10.893  
34 K. Garbagnati Ferrari 360 Modena 2'16.152  
36 P. Capelli Ferrari 360 Modena 2'16.719  
Race Result
1 H. Hezemans Chrysler Viper GTS 87 laps 25
15 Loris Kessel/
Andrea Garbagnati/
Paolo Ligresti
Ferrari 360 Modena -8 laps 75
17 Batti Pregliasco/
Marco Lambertini
Ferrari 360 Modena -8 laps 70
18 Ivan Capelli/
Eric Prinoth
Ferrari 360 Modena -9 laps 61
30 Fabien Giroix/
Jean-Denis Deletraz
Ferrari 550 Maranello -78 laps 16
Monza SRWC 500km
1 Mauro Baldi/
Gary Formato
R&M Riley & Scott Mk III/Judd 87 laps 5
2 Christian Pescatori/
David Terrien
333 SP -34.227sec 1
5 Enzo Calderari/
Lilian Bryner/
Angelo Zadra
333 SP -3 22
6 Dick Waaijenberg/
Alexander van der Lof
333 SP -4 6
11 Gianluca Giraudi/
Angelo Lancelotti
333 SP -29 28
13 Giovanni Lavaggi/
Nicolas Filliberti
333 SP -30 3
21 Marco Zadra/
Philipp Peter
333 SP -76 23
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