0470MD 54
750 Monza Spyder Scaglietti,
first chassis type 510 or modified 0501
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Franco Corrnacchia, Milano, I - Scuderia Guastalla  
54/nov/19-23 dnq
exceede time limit
Carrera Panamericana Giovanni Bracco /
Ricardo Livocchi
#14 HMRR p129
CPM p358, p366
55 - Tore Bjurstrom, Orebro, S  
55 - Gunnar Carlson, S  
55/may/09 dnf, crank shaft damage Helsinki GP,
Gunnar Carlsson #9  
55/may/28 7th OA
6th S+1.5
Gunnar Carlsson  #7  
55/aug/07 acc. GP Sweden,
Gunnar Carlsson #22  
- driven off the track when in lead on 4th lap  
55/aug/14 1st Karlskoga Kanonloppet Gunnar Carlsson #2  
55/aug/21 1st Copenhagen Cup,
Roskilde Ring
Gunnar Carlsson    
55/aug/27 dnf
oil pump
Daily Herald Trophy,
Oulton Park
Gunnar Carlsson  #36  
55/sep/04 dnf Stockholmsloppet,
Gunnar Carlsson    
56 - John Kvarnström, S  
56/may/10 1st OA
1st S+2.0
Helsinki GP,
John Kvarnström #36  
56/aug/11-12 4th OA 1st PS+2.0 GP Sweden,
John Kvarnström /
56/aug/26   Karlskoga Kanonloppet John Kvarnström #4 FY56
- fitted with wide windscreen, painted black with red stripe  
57/may/12 dnf
Helsinki GP,
John Kvarnström #12  
57/jul/06 4th OA
3rd S+2.0
Midnight Sun Auto Race, Kalixport Airfield,
John Kvarnström    
57/aug/11 dns
accident in practice
Swedish GP,
Grus-Olle Persson #15   
- The original bodywork was destroyed when Grus-Olle Persson hit a tree after missing a gear in practice at Kristianstad   
- rear end and gearbox parted out of wreck  
.. - engine installed in 0584M  
73 - Kvarnström sold the remains to Rein Tomson, Göteborg for 4,000 Skr  
.. - Sold to UK by Sten Anderson  
.. - David Cottingham, Whittles Yard, Northwood, UK "DAD 405 Y" T&CC 7/83 p98
82 - rebodied by DK Engineering, UK with new body
----- body completely wrong - wheel cut outs where never round ----
.. - ............, NL  
.. - fitted with engine 0615GT - 250 GT Boano  
87/apr - offered as "250 Monza" by Chris Drake, London, UK T&CC 4/87 p124
87/may/26 - S - Christie's Monaco auction - $233,000.-
87/may/26 - Erich Traber, Bern, CH
88/may/10  - NS -The  Sportscar Geneva auction - highbid $317,100.-  
88/may/10 - Michael Sheehan, Costa Mesa, CA, USA  
88/may - EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA  
88/aug/19-21 Monterey Historic Races Mike Sheehan
89/apr 5th Coppa d'Italia Sheehan /
#90 C54 p44
89   Mille Miglia Sheehan /
#234  "IDG 746 (AL)"
91/aug/16-18 Monterey Historic Races Michael Sheehan
92 - .............., UK "DAD 405Y"
92 - 750 Monza engine from Hall & Fowler, UK this --- is not a Ferrari engine
2 * 58 DCOA; 5 speed
93 - Brandon Wang, UK (HK) FOC 100 p18
93/jul/24-25   Historic Festival, Silverstone Brandon Wang    
93 - offered for $400,000 by EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA  
93/dec - $500,000 - SMC  
94/jul/30-31 Coys Historic Festival, Silverstone
94/nov - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $475,000  
94 - Bruce Meyer (Miller), USA  
94/aug/23-30 FCA National Meet, Monterey Bruce Miller
94/dec - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $495,000.- C83 p1
95/jan - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $495,000.- C85 p1
95/feb Cavallino Classic Bill Noon C86 p10
95/apr - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $495,000 C86 p1
95 - Dieter Streve-Muelhens, Koenigswinter, D - sold for DM 1.0mio  
95/aug/11-13 OGP Nuerburgring Dieter Streve-Muelhens
95/oct/13-15 Tutte le Ferrari in Pista, Mugello Dieter Streve-Muelhens
97/may/03-04 GP Historique Monaco Dieter Streve-Muelhens #20
98/may/01-03 Spa Ferrari Days Dieter Streve-Muelhens #51
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Dieter Streve-Muelhens #51
98/aug/07-09 OGP Nuerburgring Dieter Streve-Muelhens
98 - Giuseppe Brevini, I  
00/may/24   Modena Cento Ore Classic Giuseppe Brevini /
00/may/25-28   Mille Miglia Giuseppe Brevini /
01/may/12   Modena Cento Ore Classic Giuseppe Brevini / Tazzioli #73  
01/may/17-19   Mille Miglia Giuseppe Brevini / Tazzioli #225  
02/may/02-04 Mille Miglia Giuseppe Brevini / Tazzioli #228
03/may/22-24 Mille Miglia Giuseppe Brevini / Tazzioli #304
13/jul/31 - engine installed in 0534M  



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