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12h Sebring

12h Sebring 1962 March, 24
  Result Model Drivers Race # s/n Entrant
Nürburgring 1000 km 1963: The blue TR 61 s/n 0792 was entered by Scuderia Serenissima. Carlos Maria Abate and Umberto Maglioli finished 3rd. 1st 250 TR/61 Joakim Bonnier/
Lucien Bianchi
23 0792TR SSS, I
250 GTO s/n 3387GT BWF.001 2nd
1st GT-11/12
250 GTO Phil Hill/
Olivier Gendebien
24 3387GT N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
2nd GT-11/12
250 GT George Hamill/
Fabrizio Serena
25 2725GT N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
250 GT Sperimentale s/n 2643GT 011 8th
3rd GT-11/12
250 GT Ed Hugus/
George Reed
28 2643GT G. McKelvy, Pittsburgh, PA
Nürburgring 1000 km 1962: The Rodriguez brothers, Pedro and Ricardo, drove Ferrari's first V8, the Dino 268SP s/n 0806 in it's debut race. The Mexicans retired, because Pedro spun into a ditch. 13th
3rd SP-11/12
248 SP Peter Ryan/
Bob Fulp
36 0806 N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
250 GT SWB s/n 3327GT 010 34th
5th GT-11/12
250 GT C. Hayes/
Carl Haas/
Charles Dietrich
27 3327GT ? N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
246 S s/n 0784 005 dnf
lap 168
246 SP Bob Grossman/
Allan Connell/
Pedro Rodriguez
18 0784 N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
250 GT SWB Berlinetta s/n 2733GT dnf
lap 119
250 GT Fernand Tavano/
Colin Davis
22 2733GT SSS, I
lap 40
250 TR/60 George Constantine/
Gaston Andrey
20 0746 John T. Bunch, New Canaan, CT
250 TRI/61 s/n 0794TR Monterey.001 dsq
fuel infraction
lap 73
in the lead
250 TR/61 Stirling Moss
Innes Ireland
26 0794TR N.A.R.T., NY, N.Y.
250 GT SWB s/n 3327GT 010 dns
250 GT Charles Dietrich
Dr. J. Baxter
29 3327GT ? RRR Motors, Homewood, Ill
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