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The Legendary 2.3 Alfa 8C2300 The Legendary 2.3 Simon Moore www.
F40 da Corsa

A "thumbs-up" one on the F40 Competizione covering the F40 Evoluzione 1988-1990, Supercar GT 1992, Italian Championship 1993, BPR 1994, GT Japan 1994 & BPR Mondiala 1995.
All pictures and stories detailed with s/n etc.
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore
Editor: Antonio Maffeis
Photos: Sergio Cassano and many others
ISBN 88-7911-158-2 Italian  
Ferrari 360 modena

The sleeve says:
"This book describes all its technical and functional details and also includes a study by Lorenzo Ramaciotti on the genesis of the body design and the driving impressions of Paul Frere."

That's all it is, a fine 90-page sales-brochure, nothing more and nothing less.
Publisher: Bruno Alfieri
Editors: Alessandra Finzi, Saveria Tolomeo
Photos: Archivio Ferrari, Ippolito Alfieri
ISBN 88-7960-100-8
Italian, English & French  
Ferrari a Le Mans

This book is mostly about the 348 GT LM's #98997 and #97553 that entered the Le Mans 1994 edition.
Some 50-pages are dedicated to an overview of Ferrari entered in Le Mans 1949-1982 (no s/n details here).
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore
Editor: Antonio Maffeis
ISBN 88-7911-133-7
Sports Car Racing
in the 1950's
Michael T. Lynch
William Edgar
Ron Parravano
0-7603-0367-3 english  
Autohistorica     swedish  
410 Superamerica Series III Dyke W. Ridgley   english
Fifty years on the Track
Chris Renwick
John Starkey
A close look - Ferrari 333 SP A close look - the Ferrari 333 SP
covers '94 - '96
Earl & Gail Cook
American Racing American Racing

Tom Burnside
Denise McCluggage
3-89508-246-5 english
Calfornia Ferraris California Ferraris Alfred S. Cosentino Alfred Cosentino Books english  
Carrera Panamericana Carrera Panamericana

Daryl E. Murphy 0-87938-734-3 english  
Carrera Panamericana Mexico Carrera Panamericana "Mexico"

Adriano Cimarosti 88-85058-93-0 italian
Classic Ferraris Classic Ferraris Brian Laban 0-86101-593-2 english Laban
Die Ferraris 6-Zylinder und 8-Zylinder Die Ferraris 6-Zylinder und 8-Zylinder Alan Henry 3-89365-113-6 german  
Dino 166-206-246 Dino 166-206-246 Piero Casucci 88-85880-07-X italian
Dino - Die anderen Ferrari Dino
Die anderen Ferrari
Jean-Pierre Gabriel 3-613-01435-1 german  
Ecurie Francorchamps Ecurie Francorchamps

Gianni Rogliatti 88-7911-083-7 italian
* Ferrari a Le Mans Giorgio Nada Editore s.r.l. 88-7911-133-7    
Ferrari au volant Ferrari au volant   2.84045.023.2 french
Ferrari Le 4 Cilindri Sport Ferrari Le 4 Cilindri Sport

Gino Munaron 88-09-60049-5 italian 4CS
  Enzo Ferrari Leben und Legende Brock W. Yates   german  
  Enzo Ferrari, The Man, The Cars, The Races, The Machines Brock W. Yates   english  
Ferrari: Brochures and Sales Literature - A Source Book 1946 - 1967 Richard F. Merritt 0-914822-05-5 english
Ferrari: Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook 1948 - 1963 Richard F. Merritt 0-914822-03-9 english OMS
Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta

C.F. Bianchi Anderloni
V. Moretti
88-75880-44-4 italian 166MB
Ferrari.206.246.GT.GTS Ferrari 206 GT, 246 GT & GTS Ian Webb 0-85045-365-8 english Ferrari 250 Nicola Cutrera 1-872718-00-0 english  
Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta

Giancarlo Baghetti 88-85306-01-2 italian  
Ferrari 250 GT Sperimentale Ferrari 250 GT Sperimentale

Stirling Moss La Mille Miglia Editrice italian  
Ferrari.250SWB.Gross Ferrari 250 GT SWB Ken Gross 0-85045-622-3 english F250SWB
Ferrari.250GTO.Clarke Ferrari 250 GTO David Clarke 0-85045-505-7 english  
Cavalleria No. 15 250 LM Ferrari 250 LM
Cavalleria No. 15

No. 1 - 512 S&M
No. 2 - 312 P/B
No. 3 - 500 F2
No. 4 - 375 F1
No. 5 - F40 LM
No. 6 - 375 Plus
No. 7 - 315 S
No. 8 - 250 TR 59/60
No. 9 - 250 Testa Rossa
No. 10 - Dino 206 S
No. 11 - P3/412P
No. 12 - 250 GT SWB
No. 13 - 333 SP
No. 14 - 250 GTO
No. 15 - 250 LM

Doug Nye
Pietro Carrieri
3-905268-14-0 italian
Ferrari 250 LM Marcel Massini
Rob de la Rive Box
0-85045-527-8 english  
Ferrari 250 LM Berlinetta Ferrari 250 Le Mans Berlinetta

David Piper 88-09-00259-8 italian  
Ferrari.308.Mondial Ferrari 308 & Mondial Geoff Willoughby 0-85045-454-9 english  
Ferrari The Sports and Gran Turismo Cars

Fitzgerald, Merritt, Thompson 0-87880-019-0 english FMT
Ferrari Ferrari

Rainer W. Schlegelmilch   english
Ferrari Album 1

Jonathan Thompson 0-940014-01-7 english Falb1
Ferrari Album 2

Jonathan Thompson 0-940014-02-5 english Falb2
Ferrari Album 3

Jonathan Thompson 0-940014-03-3 english Falb3
Ferrari Automobli 1947 - 1953

Corrado Millanta
Luigi Orsini
Franco Zagari
Editoriale Olimpia italian FEO
Ferrari.BB Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Mel Nichols 0-85045-326-7 english  
Ferrari by Zagato

Michele Marchiano 88-7911-003-9 italian
Ferrari by Vignale Marcel Massini 88-7911-085-3 italian
Brooklands.46.56.001 Ferrari cars 1946 - 1956   Brooklands Books english  
Brooklands.57.62.001 Ferrari cars 1957 - 1962   Brooklands Books english  
  Ferrari Catalogue Raisonne 1946 - 1981   85-85058-14-0 italian
  Ferrari Catalogue Raisonne 1946 - 1990
Opera Omnia
  88-85880-26-6 italian
Ferrari.Concours Ferrari Concours Richard Newton 0-85045-965-6 english  
Ferrari.Dino.SPs Ferrari Dino SPs

John Godfrey 1-85260-359-3 english  
Ferrari Formula 1.Titel Ferrari Formula 1

Rainer W. Schlegelmilch   english
Ferraris For The Road Henry Rasmussen 0-87938-117-5 english  
Ferrari in der Formel 1 Ferrari in der Formel 1
Ferrari World extra

Peter Braun
Rainer W. Schlegelmilch
Ferrari Klassik Ferrari Klassik     german FK
Ferrari Legende Traum-Ferrari für Sport und Reise

Antoine Prunet 3-87943-771-8 german TF Ferrari The Road Cars

Antoine Prunet   english  
Ferrari Le Stradali Sergio Massaro EDIAUTO italian  
Ferrari On The Road Stanley Nowak
Rob de la Rive Box
Julian McNamara
1-85443-105-6 english SN40
Ferrari Portofolio Sergio Massaro EDIAUTO english
Ferrari.TTT Ferrari Salute to the spyder

Henry Rasmussen 1-879301-00-8 english  
FSN.odd Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I
Odd Numbered Sequence to 21399

Hilary A. Raab, Jr.   english  
FSN.even Ferrari Serial Numbers Part II
Even Numbered Sequence to Serial Number 1050

Hilary A. Raab, Jr.   english  
Ferrari Spider 1949 - 1990 Piero Casucci 88-85880-11-8 italian
Ferrari Sport- und Rennwagen Prototypen

Antoine Prunet 3-87943-930-3 german SuR
Ferrari Story #25 Motori In Linea Ferrari Story
No. 25 Motori In Linea
  Stamperia Artistica Nazionale
Corso Siracusa 37
10136 Torino
Ferrari The early Spyders & Competition Roadsters

Dean Batchelor 0-87938-705-X english TES
Ferrari The early Berlinettas & Competition Coupes

Dean Batchelor 0-87938-706-8 english TEB
  Ferrari The Gran Tursimo & Competition Berlinettas Dean Batchelor 0-87938-704-1 english  
Ferrari.The.Man Ferrari The Man And His Machines Pete Lyons 0-88176-526-0 english  
Ferrari Tipo 166

Angelo Tito Anselmi
Lorenzo Boscarelli
0-85429-498-8 english Tipo166
Ferrari TR V12 Ferrari V12

Joel E. Finn 0-930880-03-X english  
Ferrari.V12.sportwagen Ferrari V12 Sportwagen 1946 - 1956

Anthony Pritchard Motorbuch Verlag german  
  Ferrari Yearbook 1948 - 19..

FF Faszination Ferrari

  3-453-04773-7 german
Ferrarissima Ferrarissima
1 - 25

  Automobilia italian
  Hans Tanner     english
  History of the Mexican Road Race       HMRR
  Hemmings Motor News       HMN
Klemantaski & Ferrari

Louis Klemantaski Automobilia
La Ferrari alla Mille Miglia

Giannino Marzotto 88-85817-01-7 italian LFMM
FPF.52.65.001 Le Ferrari di Pininfarina - small       LFDPF
Le Ferrari di Pininfarina - large

Angelo Tito Anselmi 88-85128-00-9   LFdP
  Legendaire Mille Miglia     italian LMM
Mille Miglia 91 and more Mille Miglia
84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97
  La Mille Miglia Editrice english
MM.Canestrini Mille Miglia Canestrini L'Editrice dell'Automobile italian  
MM.Podszum Mille Miglia Conrad Piepenburg 3-923448-50-3 german  
MMuci Mille Miglia una corsa italina di Luigi Orsini 88-85338-00-3 italian MMUCI
Mythos Ferrari Mythos Ferrari Antoine Prunet
Peter Vann
3-613-01245-6 german
Covers 308 GT4, 308/328 series, Mondial, 348, 288 GTO and F40 Original Ferrari V8 Keith Bluemel 1-870979-78-8 english  
Origins of the Ferrari Legend
"Memories of the designer of the earliest Ferrari cars"
Gioachino Colombo 0-85429-624-7 english  
Portraits of the 60s.Formula 1 Portraits of the 60’s - Formula 1

Rainer W. Schlegelmilch   english
Road & Track On Ferrari 1950 - 1968   0-946489-26-2 english  
Schumi Ferdi Kräling      
Sebring Sebring
The offical history of America's great sports car race

Ken Breslauer 0-9649722-04 english Sebring
Spyder California Spyder California Stanley Nowak 88-85880-24-X italian
The Berlinetta LUSSO The Berlinetta LUSSO Kurt H. Miska 0-914822-20-8 english  
tcf The Complete Ferrari

Geoffrey Eaton 0-517-60503-1 english TFC
TFL The Ferrari Legende 250 GT Competition Jess G. Pourret 0-914822-11-X english TFL
The Spyder California George M. Carrick 0-914822-07-1 english  
Two years later Gulio Schmidt 88-7911-023-3 italian
365 GTB/4 Daytona Pat Braden
Gerald Roush
0-85045-412-3 english Daytona


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