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Maranello – the Mekka for every real Ferrarista in the world. The hometown of the Ferrari factory and the Scuderia Ferrari is located about 20 kms south of Modena, the famous old city in the Italian Emilia Romagna region (170 kms southeast from Milan). Maranello – Italy’s secret capital – is so important for the region that the small town is signposted right from the exit "Modena Nord" of the A1 motorway from Milan to Bologna. Map

Factory Entrance with Austrian 348 ts

In the following text you will learn about some Maranello sites not to be missed when you should have the occasion to visit Ferrari’s hometown.

The factory is located on the Via Abetone Inferiore; this is the very road on which one enters the town if one follows the signposts from the above mentioned motorway exit. Unfortunately, it is normally not possible to visit the factory. Guided tours are sometimes arranged for dealers and their customers; maybe your local authorized Ferrari dealer is willing to provide you with an opportunity to join him on his next visit even if you are not a Ferrari owner – just give it a trial.

Factory EntranceFactory Entrance

But the normal Maranello visitor has at least the possibility to have a look into the entrance hall of the factory which is generally open to the public. Various exhibits are on display there regularly, ranging from current production to Formula One cars.

Factory Entrance Hall with 288 GTO639 Formula 1 s/n 105 in the Factory Entrance 639 Formula 1 s/n 105 in the Factory Entrance
639 Formula 1 s/n 105 in the Factory Entrance

A nice place for all "Ferrari spotters" is the Via Musso adjacent to the factory; there is the factory gate which is used by all cars (and prototypes!) leaving the plant for test drives.

Prototype for 456 M GT entering the Pista di FioranoFerrari F360 Modena - Prototipo

The Scuderia Ferrari – Ferrari’s racing department – is located in the Via Ascari and guarded like Fort Knox, of course. Don’t expect to see Michael Schumacher or Eddie Irvine leaving the building. But the Scuderia is cult and hence worth a photo anyway.

Gestione Sportiva/Scuderia Ferrari in 1998F1 Transporter returning to Maranello in 1995

Ferrari’s private test track is located at the end of the Via Dino Ferrari (also see "Galleria Ferrari"). There are some small streets which end right on the fence of the track, providing nice photo spots for people with big lenses.

Entrance to Pista di Fiorano in 1992Enzo Ferrari's former home at the Pista di Fiorano

The Fiorano track is used regularly for Formula One testing, but also for trials with prototypes and normal production cars. Needless to say that it is not allowed to enter the area. Enzo Ferrari’s former home is located inside the track, as is the well-known red Starfighter jet plane.

Casa Ferrari & F512M 001456 GT and Starfighter at Pista di Fiorano 1995

Ferrari’s factory museum is to be found in the Via Dino Ferrari. You can find photos of the majority of the automotive exposits on this site; but since the exhibits are changed from time to time, the Galleria is always worth a visit – even if one has already been there once. The Galleria is open daily except on Mondays between 9.30 h and 12.30 h and from 15.00 h to 18.00 h.

Galleria Ferrari - opened daily from 9.30 - 12.30 and from 15.00 - 18.00, mondays closed
Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 s/n 021750 Monza s/n 0562M250 LM Stradale s/n 5995
156/85 Formula 1 s/n 081

There are plenty of memorabilia shops in Maranello. "Warm Up" and "Hors Ligne" are located close to the Galleria Ferrari in the Via Dino Ferrari, "Shopping Formula 1" can be found in the Via Alfieri, facing the factory entrance. And these are only the most "famous" shops. It is possible to buy official Ferrari merchandising products in the Galleria Ferrari, too, by the way.

"Warm Up" Memorabilia Shop 1998 Shop in Via Dino Ferrari in 1998 "Hors Ligne" Memorabilia Shop 1998
Stickers of Ferrari Clubs from all over the world

There are many hotels around; I would like to mention two of them: "Hotel Domus" is located right in the heart of Maranello at the Piazza LibertÓ 38, adjacent to the city hall (which is known to the enthusiast through old factory press photographs; the town hall was often used as an adequate background). Telephone is +39/0536/941071. In the old days, many Grand Prix drivers used to stay there!

Hotel Domus

For the more sophisticated Maranello tourist, the expensive "Executive Hotel" in nearby Fiorano might be more suitable. Address: Via Circ. San Francesco 2, I-41042 Fiorano. Tel.: +39/0536/832010.

The Italian cuisine is always a pleasure. A "must" for the Maranello tourist is the "Il Cavallino", which is somehow part of the factory and located right across the street from the factory entrance. Enzo himself used to have a small private room over there where he had lunch almost every day. "Il Cavallino" is closed on Sundays.

Il Cavallino

Another excellent restaurant is "Da William" in the Via Flavio Gioia 1. Ferrari’s CEO, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, is a regular customer. Try the Tortelloni con burro e salvia!

Restaurante "Da William"

If only a little time is left visit the Pizzeria in the Hotel Domus right at Piazza LibertÓ, where the Pizza and Pasta is excellent.

by Andreas Birner

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