0015 1968
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
68 - SF
68 4th German GP Jackie Ickx #9  
68 dnf Oulton Park Gold Cup Jackie Ickx    
68 3rd Italian GP Jackie Ickx    
68 dnf - bad crash Canadian GP Jackie Ickx #10  
after the front-end crash about 20cm were removed from the front of the chassis    
68 - given by Enzo Ferrari to the Ferrari driving school  
.. - dismateled  
.. - ........., ..  
.. - .........., UK  
.. - Guido Romani, I  
95/11 - Chassis in this state, has some of it's suspension bits, otherwise incomplete  
97 - Keith Duly - gearbox & engine missing
A 312 motor has been loacted along with matching gearbox, both of which are for sale separately. A new bodybody would need to be made along with other items
.. - restored (rebuild) with engine & gearbox at Terry Hoyle's, UK 1997
.. - Paul Osborne, UK via Terry Hoyle  
General information
There were only a total of a dozen examples of the 312 F1 built by SEFAC to compete in the 3-litre Formula 1 Championship in the years from 1966-1969. The engines for the entire series of 312'S were 60 degree V-12'S, with a displacement of 2989.5cc's. Through the development cycle of the engines developed between 360-435 BHP. The earliest iteration of the cars used a 24 valve engine that was later updated to 36 valves for the 1967 season with even some of the later cars using a 48 valve configuration. Using Lucas fuel injection, double OHC per bank and 2 plugs per cylinder. The 5-speed gearbox was integral to the final drive.
In terms of suspension, the front had upper rocker arms, inboard coil-spring damper units and wide base lower wishbones. The rear utilized single upper links, reversed lower wishbones, coil spring damper units with twin radius rods.
The 1968 cars, were the first of the FerrariI GP cars designed by Ing. Forghieri with the moveable airfoils.
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