Dino 156 F2
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - Scuderia Ferrari  
57/apr/28 3rd GP Naples, Posilipo Luigi Musso #24 DINO, p22,23
57/jul/14 1st Coupe de Vitesse, Reims Maurice Trintignant
57/sep/22 2nd Modena GP heat 1 Luigi Musso    
57/sep/22 2nd Modena GP heat 2 Luigi Musso
- engine with 2195cc
57/oct/27 dnf Moroccan GP, Casablanca Mike Hawthorn #2 DINO, p26
- 0011 originally big tube chassis frame stripped after Moroccan GP and replaced by small tube frame Dino, p31
- now 246 F1
58/jan/19 2nd Argentine GP, Buenos Aires Luigi Musso  
58/feb/02 3rd Buenos Aires City GP, heat 1 Luigi Musso #22 DINO, p33
58/feb/02 3rd Buenos Aires City GP, heat 2 Luigi Musso
58/may/18 dnf (engine) Monaco GP Wolfgang v. Trips  
58//jun/15 6th Belgian GP, Spa Olivier Gendebien  
- back to 156 F2
58/aug/03 5th German GP, Nuerburgring Phil Hill #56 DINO, p56
59/apr/25 2nd Syracuse GP, Sicily Jean Behra
59/may/10 acc. Monaco GP Cliff Allison    
- again 246 F1
59/may/31 5th Dutch GP, Zandvoort Jean Behra  
59/jul/03 dnf French GP, Reims Jean Behra #30 DINO, p75
59/sep/13 6th Italian GP, Monza Olivier Gendebien  
- 156 F2
60/mar/19 1st Syracuse GP, Sicily Wolfgang v. Trips #24 DINO, p88
- 246 F1; chassis shortened (216 cm)
60may/29 8th Monaco GP Wolfgang v. Trips #38 DINO, p90, 93
- 156 F2
60/jul/24 7th Solitude race, Stuttgart Phil Hill
60/oct/02 2nd Modena GP Richie Ginther #26 DINO, p104
6. - fitted with 2-seater sports car body  


.. - Corrado Cuppelini, Bergamo, I  
.. - is this an Italian recreation ?  
87/oct/04 - displayed at Ferrari Club Italia Meet, Imola, I
88/aug/11-14 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring Corrado Cupellini #219 C48 p42
94/aug/24 International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 35 Corrado Cupellini
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Corrado Cupellini
97/may/03-04 GP Historique Monaco Corrado Cupellini #15 C100 p34
99/jul/01-04 Modena Motorsport F1 Meeting, Nuerburgring Corrado Cupellini
00/oct/28-29 Tutte le Ferrari al Mugello, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge Corrado Cupellini #20



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